25January Game Update Problems

Apparently last night’s update fouled up some other aspects of the game that were working fine beforehand:

  1. Messaging has become spotty. Riders are seeing a fraction of the chatter we are normally seeing. Ride leader in the REVO Sub2 ride this morning saw almost none of the messages. That ride is one of the chattiest rides and other than the RL’s messages, it was like a Crit City Race: Grim faced riders, head down and unable to do anything other than pedal hard. I think I got three or four replies to my messages out of 400 riders.
  2. HR monitors are dropping off. My Wahoo Tickr which is normally rock solid, does not stayed paired. This issue was raised by the few riders I could see messages from as a new problem. One rider did have trouble with her Computrainer staying paired.

These are all new issues that started after the 25Jan update.

Looks like you guys have a crabgrass problem.

Same here, Completed Tour de Zwift Stage 5. ZwiftPower has my data. Zwift did not show badge and did NOT add the elevation or drops. However, in my events in shows the route I took, just no data attached.
This is after the update. No credit for Stage 5.
Ive been on Zwift a month and there have been several updates.

Same thing happened to me. And when I attempting to manually upload the .fit files into Strava, it reported that it could not add them as the files were “malformed and could not be processed.”

At least my Apple Watch was able to record the activity (in both calories and exercise time), so I’ll see about manually crediting the miles ridden.

After these two latest updates I’m still missing chat as a rider and as a leader.

ZHQ please resolve ASAP.

Thanks all for flagging it to us. We’re investigating what’s happening.

Just to be clear, the chat problem referenced started with the 21st update, not the 25th. (Think you’re tracking already since there’s a few threads about it, but just in case.)

Same problem today. Did stage 5 option B. Shows route but no badge. I got an email from zwift congrats on completing stage 5. Sent problem to zwift no feedback yet.

In addition to missing chat and heart rate problems with latest update (s), please note the following:

  1. Rider list is inaccurate in group rides— many people missing or distance ahead or behind miscalculated. The list has been problematic for some time, but now it seems worse than before. Riders who are right next to me are listed as being 2 to 16 seconds away from me.

  2. Beacon behaving erratically. Today I did a group ride where I could see the leader’s beacon ahead of me, so I sped up to be near it and it’s location immediately then jumped to being 50 or so riders behind me. When I slowed down to rejoin it, it popped back up ahead of me by a great quantity of riders, eventually I gave up on trying to follow the beacon and just found a similarly paced group. Group rides are often fractured due to flyers, but I can say today’s ride was one of the worst I’ve experienced and I think it was just because no one could find the beacon and there was no way to reliably communicate with others or even locate others around you.

These problems are challenging the basic functionality of group rides. I hope there are plans to make remedying them a priority.


Exactly so. I saw both of these issues in the BMTR ride yesterday and today’s TdZ (no beacon problem). Thank you for reminding us.

Running zwift on a windows surface pro 7 with windows 10. zwift version 1.0.61590, and a Elite Turbomuin trainer connecting with bluetooth with a misuro B+. I’m also connecting a wahoo kickr HR device.
Zwift connects to the devices upon startup, but signal is lost (“No Signal”) before I’m able to quit the menu. Only way to make it work is to enter the pair menu during the ride, disconnect all devices and then reconnect. If i stop pedaling to long, all bluetooth signals are lost (altough still connected), and i have to disconnect and reconnect again. Problem appeared after last update.