Tour de Zwift stage 6 19th January 10am GMT

Tacx neo ant+
Laptop Windows 10
Polar H7 via BLE beta Windows 10

I’ve done like 4h riding and i begane having drop outs from the Hr strap. First i thought that the battery could be thé problem but it’s still 80% after checking. Drop outs following quite Often after a while and had to pair again through menu. Unhappily Zwift closed app after many hr dropouts and i even couldn’t close my ride. I know there’s an autosave in Zwift so i’m not panic’ing but i would like that my activity would be saved normal as i got a message now that activity hasn’t been uploaded yet. I can’t upload this manually (i think so) so it would be nice if this ride could be saved as all my other rides.
@Vincent: could you Fix this, please?
I don’t know if they problem comes from the BLE because i do all my rides via de beta bluetooth 'cos i don’t like to sync via companion.

I had the same issue. Completed stage 6, not saved. I hope the auto back log will show the activity and that km’s and climb meters could be added.

Thanks for the correction! Everything fine again! Great support.