TdZ Stage 4 Doesn’t Like Me

Hi All,

First post in these but hoping someone can help. I’ve ridden 2 Stage 4 events this week. Both have crashed the app after I finish and ride records but stage doesn’t. Details also appear on ZP. Conscious I’m running out of time to get a stage 4 logged??

Any advice welcome

Ride On!


Same here for me today as well. I sent email to Zwift. Hope they figure it out. Mine saved as a odd miles and time on Companion, but is in Zwiftpower accurately.

Cheers for getting in touch about that Daniel. Will try emailing Zwift too. Still have today to try and log that stage I guess.

What device is the Zwift app running on, and crashing on?

I had problem today as well. I just finished TdZ stage 4, picked “Save & Exit” and… nothing. It still says I’m Zwifting and it shows me with 12.4 miles, but that’s not right. I finished the stage, but no recognition, credit awarded and no syncing to Strava. What gives? :frowning:

Thanks for getting in touch Steve.

I’m running it off iPad. All up to date. Everything else stops and records, training prog, free ride etc. have also recorded last 3 stages with no hassle. Ride records like a free ride, loads to Strava and Garmin connect fine and the stage is also recorded on ZP. It’s just Zwift that doesn’t recognize it as being complete. I’ve even had an email to say I’m half way through :joy:.

Cheers again