Tour de Zwift stage 4 not registrated as stage?

Hi, just completed stage 4 longer ride. The stage is to be found on Zwift power, but is just stated with a date on zwift companion and hasn’t synchronized to strava or traningspeaks, furthermore I haven’t received the ‘completed’ checkmark when I log on to zwift again, but I have received email that I have completed the stage. What went wrong? Both warm up and after has been synchronized as normal.

Me either, my game crashed just as I crossed the finish line. I’ve experienced many crashes on every stage of this event. Considering canceling my subscription at this point…

So annoying:-( Anyways the PC has saved the stage in a fit file, thus it’s possible to upload the training to Strava or TrainingPeaks. But I have not any plans about completing the stage once more. Just not ok. Wonder of I get any answer from Zwift, have wrote to them.

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You’ll probably not get the response you want I’m afraid. It’s clear that people are being dogged with issues and the recent update was in some ways an attempt at fixing the issue.

It does seem to continue. From general views it appears that those with lower end spec PC’s seem to be more affected.

I’ve been lucky as I’ve done all 4 stages and even the last stage twice and not suffered any issues. My spec is probably on the mid range scale.

Ok, I am using my working PC thinks it’s alright. But anyways, when they are launching a huge event as Tour de Zwift, they should have tested all the bugs. Maybe the ‘money machine’ has just been to big and they don’t care as much anymore. Sad though.

If you post details of your spec people here may be able to help. Whilst your PC may be working with other things running Zwift might be a bridge too far.

I’m not sure that they can truly test Zwift to the extent that they can check how things go when 2000+ people enter an event.

I don’t share the sentiment that they don’t care. They clearly do as they’ve tried to fix it.
For example do you say BMW don’t care if your car breaks down?
Things get built and made to work but alas sometimes things go wrong.

Sorry stupid comment that they don’t care have just experienced glitches lately. I know from working with IT that unexpected things happens just hope thing like this will be fixed.