Zwift 1.30 races not counting

Looks like the bug where races are not being counted for the race like a champ is back , competed 3 races yesterday and today none seems to have counted. Anybody lease seeing this?

It wasn’t a bug, it was a set up issue that was corrected within about 10 hours of the programme starting.

You already have credit for the first 3 stages.

Thank you James - it seem to be maybe the set up is incorrect again maybe ? I don’t know but I have completed 3 races in the last 3 day they did not credit, am I missing something perhaps ?

I think only different stages count, don’t they? So for 100% completion, you have to complete all four stages. If you complete one stage more than once, that doesn’t count (only regards the ZP leaderboard, if you improve your previous finishing time).

Hi hello confirming all the races are different event / races (not repeats) I’ll send the races in a Zwift ticket hopefully that can review but it does look like it’s not incrementing.

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