No credit for TdZ Stage 2, 2022

Hello Team Zwift,

Today I rode the TdZ Stage 2, 2022 ride Category A and finished in 8 or 9th place. I gave the ride a really good effort, however I think there is a glitch because I am not receiving credit for the 2nd stage in zwift or companion app, nor is Zwiftpower reflecting the finish on my profile.

One thing I noticed is my total distance is 17.4mi and official distance is 17.6mi. However, I started with everyone and finished past finish line banner. I even received the End Ride pop up and saved it. Zwift power shows I did the ride in activities but I do not show up in contention.

Any help would be great

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I don’t think this is just the ZP result not showing issue. He’s saying he doesn’t have confirmation of completion even in the companion app?

Good call out John!

They turn up some time after the event but I never keep an eye on that so not sure whether its minutes or hours. @Wils_Cardan pop a request off to Support to get your badge if it doesnt appear and they may be able to sort for you.

Ok will do thanks Dean