TDZ Stage3 uncomplete

I rode tdz stage 3 A group today at 5PM (UTC+09:00)
It doesn’t appear that I have received credit for having completed this ride

Plz check it. Thanks.

The same here

Same here with 3pm PT ride

Same here with ladies ride today 17/1/21 at 10:00. Crashed after crossing finish line. Result shows up in zwift power which is good :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: but on companion it is just “watopia” and not “tdz stage 3” and I didn’t get a badge which is bad :cry:

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Same here. Finished Alpe and it showed result on the screen when crossed finish line. Thwn collapse. Ride does not show in TFZ results.
Already 2nd time out of 3 events so far

Unfortunately the same here. Tried yesterday the Cat C and it stopped after crossing the finish line. Today the same. Can you please solve that, so that we receive the TDZ stage 3 badge?

Thanks in advance.

Same here. As soon as I crossed the summit gate, lost screen. When it returned, I was in Watopia, never getting credit for the TDZ ride#3. Send files via email. 3rd time in a week. Still missing 30 mile ride.

Same here! I didn’t get a badge, after 3965’ vertical!!!