I Did Not Get Credit for Finishing TDZ 2021 Stage 6 Group A Ride

I just finished the 4:00PM EST TDZ 2021 Stage 6 Group A ride and I did not get credit for finishing! I crossed the finish line and I received a "Complete: Stage 6 of the Tour de Zwift” email. I can see my ride in “My Zwift” but I cannot view the ride details. I was able to download the ride .fit file but the ride is short.

I looks like I’ll have to ride the stage again as there is no way to contact Zwift Support and the Chat is worse than useless. I have a completion email and a screen shot of me crossing the finish line. I would just like to get credit for the ride.

This has happened to me in 2 stages now! Did you find a way to get it fixed?

Same here, unfortunately. In my case, I am almost certain that a bug was triggered upon world transferring: I was warming up in a different world prior to the start of the race, and after crossing the finish line it attempted to transfer me back - without giving a clear prompt on how to save the activity.

I now see the activity and its statistics in my activity feed (length, calories), but clicking on it will not bring up any data, and no sync took place towards other sites (e.g. Strava). This seems to point to some type of corruption in the save file?

As far as the TdZ credit, I also received the email telling me “you completed the stage”, but on the TdZ site, the passport does not shown as “stamped”.

This is my first time having issues, and have been trying to figure out how to get access to support - been running into several several dead links on the support site and I cannot seem to find a way to submit a ticket/email.

I have had the same issue with identical symptoms as you reported, and I’ve ridden Stage 6 twice now, different courses. I too was warming up in a different world prior to the event starting. This is the first technical issue I’ve ever had also.

I had this problem with TdZ 6 with a “client software crash” just after passing the line and seeing a “finished TdZ” notification on screen. I ALSO had this same problem on Stage 3. I emailed ZHQ Support then, explained the issue and a couple days later someone at ZHQ fixed my TdZ Passport to show the stamp. I have requested another fix from them the same way on this Stage 6 recurrence. We’ll see. Meanwhile, I’m upgrading an older iPad and getting rid of some other legacy gear in my toolchain.

Thank you Tom for the information about getting credit for a TDZ 2021 ride. It’s very hard to contact Zwift Support.

  • Zwift no longer replies to emails sent to support@zwift.com.
  • The automated Chat is too basic.
  • Messaging a Zwift Customer Ambassador seemed to work but I can’t view their answers.
  • I hope that the Email option in the Chat finally works!

I did get a “message acknowledged” type email response yesterday from “Zwift Support Team” awhile after I sent the request, similar to previous stage3 experience. I think (not sure) that fix happened on Wednesday from a Sunday event. Methinx they’ve got a pretty big stack of fixes, and a couple poor staffers over there are probably suffering thru data-patch after data-patch after… “How many more?” “Don’t ask” (hang in there, ZHQ’ers)

Today I enjoyed success riding and saving TDZ 2021 Stage 3 Group C R.G.V ride. Here’s what I did:

  1. Close Zwift and the Zwift Companion app on all my devices.
  2. Run Zwift on my Apple TV 4K.
  3. Run the Zwift Companion app on my Android phone.
  4. Complete the TDZ 2021 Stage 3 Group C R.G.V ride.
  5. Let the Stay Here button time out and leave me in France.
  6. End the ride from Zwift on my Apple TV 4K.