Tour de zwift session not saved not closed on finish as a Tour de Zwift Stage 6 session

On the finish line in Tour de Zwift stage 6 Alpe de Zwift starting 19.00 CET, the session was saved, but not as TdZ stage, and on cycling on I stayed in the TdZ event, I got very strange data on screen, lap 2/1 13000 m togo… did not see normal riders, only TdZ, though I should be thrown out of the stage…

Hi - I also had a problems withe the TDZ Stage 6 session at 5pm today. I completed the stage but the full session didnt save.

ZWIFT - can my session be recovered? or have i seriously got to re-do Stage 6 again tomorrow?..


I Was given a frozen screen 2.1Km from the finish. I got beck in after a reboot and “met up” with a rider therefore back at the same 2.1Km from the end. Finished but I’d lost my TdZ jersey.

Hills are not my forte to begin with so I hope the zwiftarians can see my data together.

I rode the 8am MST slot.

it seems I’m in the same boat. I suffered through the entire stage only to see my data at the end of the ride stopped at 2.1km.

This will really suck if I have to re-ride stage 6.

I have the same problem.

As I run Zwift on PC I was able to retrieve the .fit file for the Stage 6 activity and upload it to Strava manually. I’ve also opened a support ticket with Zwift (and attached the .fit file as evidence) asking to be credited for the Stage 6 completion.

Let’s see if Zwift support give a suitable answer.

Edit: Also not been credited with the Alpe Du Zwift wheel of loot thing, or the elevation towards the Concept Bike :frowning:

Just now, with one 1 k to go everthing froze and I was not aible to finish to last Km. Very dissapointed about that. Firts climb ever… can you please look into this. Started today a 11 am.

I am on the same boat (TdZ stage 6 start at 10:00AM on Saturday), completed fully, on the screen congrats etc. but at the end not saved nor at TDZ nor at my account

I did save something… grrrrr folks from Zwift, this not okay.

Same problem today at TdZ Stage 6 @ 11.00AM CET.
When I’ve crossed the finish line I was still in the event: laps 2/1 =] and distance to finish growing. Rode down with some german rider who (probably) was also unlucky and wasn’t properly classified at the end of the stage…
BTW I’m not sure if I’ve got the prize for climbing Alpe du Zwift, so double sad today =/

Same problem today at TdZ Stage 6 @ 11.00AM CET.

Similar issue. All of the riders disappeared during the final few miles of TdZ 6 (Saturday, 1600), but everything else worked fine. I took screen shots after cross the finish line and the ride report, which both show a completed ride, and Strava recorded the ride completion as well. I did not get the usual email from Zwift about finishing the ride, and the ride results are not shown in Zwift Power. My Zwift shows the ride, but it added over 40 minutes to the ride time. My real concern is that I get credit for the ride so I can complete TdZ.

Similar TDZ issue. looks like mine saved but it is not applying my elevation gain to my everest challenge. What can i do to not lose credit for all this work?

I had also the same problem with Stage 6 last Monday (03/02/20) at 20:30 CET. I did the short group ride, accepted the results screen and continued riding up to 1 hour. Then saved the activity and in fact in Strava it has the right name “Tour de Zwift: Stage 6 Group Ride (B)” but not in the Zwift Companion App.

I will contact support team hoping to get credit for the stage…

Hi Mark,

I worked hard and finished Tour de Zwift stage 1 (D) on 1/12/22 but it does not show up in de Tour de Zwift overview on screen. So it looks as if I didn’t ride or finish it. But it shows up in activities on the Zwift Companion app and equally on Zwiftpower. I want to win the kit : (. Do I have to redo this stage now? Or can this be fixed? I remember I had to reintstall Zwift around that time, do to some inlogging screen issues. Could it be that?

Kind regards, Agnes