Tour de Zwift Stage 2 January 6th 1:00pm

Hi @Vincent or other Zwift member/staff,

I’ve done stage 2 from the TdZ yesterday and did a structured workout right after the stage. After 4h riding, the ride has been saved but i didn’t get any “thumb up” on the TdZ calendar in my home page when logging in. It happened already with stage 1 and Vincent corrected this but it happens again.
Could this be corrected please, as i do mostly first the stage from the TdZ and afterwards i complete my structured workout for that day. Thank you.

Best regards,

Looking into this Svenne, stay tuned!
Edit: Yeah this is an issue we are aware of and investigating. For future notice, save immediately after your Tour de Zwift event other wise it will only save the rides afterwards.

I awarded you your credit, so sorry for the complication!

Thanks again, Vincent.

I was thinking of saving thé stage right after thé ride but then i’ll have 2 logs for 1 ride and that’s a bit confusing/annoying for my coach who follows my trainings. So for me it’s not complicated but as long this issue isn’t resolved, it could me more of a complication for the Zwift staff to manually correct the file. :thinking:

But i say: thanks again, Vincent! Nice to know that the forum does actually mobilize and support is active! Have a nice day.