Tour de Zwift stage 1 didn’t upload

So Zwift is acknowledging by the .fit file that I uploaded to Strava that I did the first stage however there is no other sign of the stage logged on Zwift at all. This is not helpful as I’m trying to complete the tour and it’s not showing stage one compete!

Hi, done the TdZ stage 1 today followed by a structured workout. I’ve got the results when finished the TdZ so Zwift knows that i’ve done the ride. I’ve stopped the session after my workout. The problem now is that Zwift doesn’t recognize my TdZ stage 1 and saves my ride as only my workout. So no thumbs up in the TdZ calendar.
Can this be solved as i would like to combine the TdZ stages with my daily workouts. I’m planning to do a stage as warming up for my structured workouts. I hope to see this solved. Thanks.

Hey @Svenne_Vangoethemd and @Alex_Clark I’m on the case.

Edit: Credits given. If you guys run into trouble again with this event, please send a support conversation over to this link:

Our team will help you out as soon as possible!

Thank you for rectifying this, Vincent. Appreciate this. Thumbs up for you!

For me TDZ Stage 1 uploaded to Strava as usual. but not to Garmin Connect (checked on both phone and web).
This was probably my first zwift ride in 2019 - has anything changed with Garmin Connect uploads in 2019?

I’m experiencing the same with today’s stage 3 of Tour De Zwift? In app it doesn’t show as complete?

Have the same problem, road 42km and no thumb up for stage3 for me :frowning:

I have the same problem with Stage 8. I crossed the stage finish line and got the on-screen notification that I’d finished the stage but haven’t received credit anywhere else. Help appreciated.

Hi. Same problem today for TdZ stage 8. Finished but no activity stored.