TDZ Stage 5 completion error

Yesterday I completed TDZ Stage 5 and it doesn’t show me that I completed it!
It only show like a normal ride.
I even pressed the take screenshot at the stage end with the results. That screenshot is gone too.
It’ REALLY ANNOYING to put all of my energy in a stage and finally it’ evaporating :(((

Yes, same happened to me over the past few days. I’d finish a ride/race but when I exist the app (on my windows pc) Zwift doesn’t shutdown normally and my companion app still shows that I’m Zwifting. Nothing uploads to Strava but I can find the .fit file and do this manually BUT the last 10 ish mins of the ride is missing. This seems to happen when the event finishes and I get a message about ‘steering’ functionality!!

I cannot reach Zwift support, I don’t know what happened. Only the chatbot will work, If I press the “Email Us”, it takes me to FAQ. I want to reach you, Zwift support, please reply, PLEASE!

You need to keep going through that. Go to the chatbot, put the problem in, see if anything helpful comes up. If it doesn’t, say it doesn’t help, and a couple more steps will take you to an option to email them.

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