Did TDZ stage 5 and doesn´t appear in my companion account %

I´ve done the TDZ stage 5 buit it doesn´t apper in my companion account to have the percentage of 5 stages done and then it only shows 50% done.
You can check it in Zwift Power.
I look forward to solving this issue.
Thanks in advance.

Had exactly the same pbm, it already happened to me several times before.Ended alone on the circuit after 10k, crossed the line and my time/watts/distance were mentioned but only 7k (instead of 32) were kept and no stage validated, kinda gutted

@Alejandro_Altava Zwiftpower is showing that your fit file hasnt been processed (green lightning bolt next to avg watts). I suspect you had network issues which is why the event doesnt show on your Companion App. To confirm this, you should drop your log file on to Zwiftalizer.com and check for network errors.

@Stonste_Man1When you end up alone on a route and the rider list is also empty (except for you) then you have most likely had a severe network connection issue. Normally this is a persons wifi, but not always so. You can also drop log file on to Zwiftalizer.com and check the network section.

If you were riding alone but had a full riders list that is being updated as if people were around you (changing position, w/kg changing), then you have hit a bug that others are seeing periodically and you are best to send your log file with all the details to support@zwift.com

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Thanks for the advice and me and my wife both had the same problems, luckily she also recorded hers on her bike computer so has some stats to show for her ride. While riding I did check my phone which said the I was connected to my home WiFi and the signal was good, I was able ot access other webpages on my PC were I run zwift and again on my phone, so suspected it was a zwift problem rather than a wifi problem.

When I check my activities it shows the ride but stops after 45:14 and says activity could not be loaded.

just tried the Zwiftalizer.com and it say ‘file in progress’, then when I went to my activities folder on my PC it showed 2 files for yesterday one saying in progress. I then dragged and dropped the activity file ( not the in progress version) into Training Peaks and it has given me the whole workout , Hooorah.

I will now email wifi support and hopefully they can also investigate and update my zwift account with the full workout details too

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When your activity doesnt quite show (full details, no issues) it is generally a sign of network issues but as you say, its not necessarily your end. Your fit file showing “in progress” reinforces a network glitch but equally, Zwift backend systems may have caused too.

FYI - you can fix the fit file and upload to Strava with fitfiletools.com if its not already there too. Hope they sort for you and learn from it as I am seeing a lot of people in the same position. Make sure you send them your log file as well - that will help them diagnose.

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I had a similar issue on TDZ Stage 6 in that the zwift app on my Apple TV crashed when saving. I was kind of lucky in that it showed as an unsaved event when I restarted the app and allowed me to save it but I didn’t get credit for TDZ stage 6 and the ride looks just like a free ride in Innsbruck. Looks like I get to do it again.

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same here with stage 6 on PC. did twice, every time when saving/uploading zwift crashed and no credit. with regular rides everything is OK.

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Same. Stage 6 done twice. Froze when trying to save upon ending. Seemed to save before next ride when I was offered the option, but not showing as Stage 6 credit. Guess I’ll go for a 3rd try…

I had this exact thing happen to me. Yet on ZwiftPower it saved as Stage 6 and I received the Zwift email saying I completed stage 6 yet when I go onto Zwift it shows that I haven’t completed stage 6??? Kind of weird!!!

Same thing happened to my wife and I… Worst still it happened to her twice. It’s occurred on both a PC and appleTv

I was eventually able to get a stage 6 ride to save by returning to the world I had warmed up in - not sure if this was a coincidence or just luck.

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