Stage 3 TDZ not counted

Yesterday I did the stage 3 of the TDZ (and I struggled a lot).
I did it with the Android app and at the end of the lap there was an error. The Fire Stick detached and zwift returned to the start page. I logged back in and he wrote me that there is a pending activity and if I wanted to save it. Instead of saving it as a TDZ stage 3, France wrote to me and consequently it is not recognized by Companion as a finished stage.
Can it be restored somehow?
Zwiftpower, on the other hand, has taken the event into account and is recognized.

the same with IOS on yesterday…

I had a similar problem with TDZ 3 on 2/13

I registered for the replay of TDZ stage 3 2/13

at 930 ET (group D women’s ride) via the Companion app and rode the entire stage. I crossed the finish line (2nd) and recall seeing badges unlocked yet the ride did not register correctly when I saved it and took some time to show up at all.

Start 930 ET, TIME 1:13:15 ELEVATION 3435 DISTANCE 10.8 MILES
When I click the ride the page spins and the ride report does not load.
When I re-open Zwift to start a ride it does not show that the stage was completed
It didn’t connect to Strava correctly though it did count the miles against my weekly goal

To the best of my knowledge, there were no connectivity issues so would you please give me credit? I didn’t suffer for nothing!

Today I did stage 5 and it didn’t count as a stage. When i open the activity in companion app, or says that data could not be loaded. Which is strange because i can see it on zwiftpower.

My suspicion is that the issue is because i am using desktop windows app and android companion app as a “remote”. This time i ended activity on the companion. Zwift on windows ended as it should but then was some problem with the upload of data. Also it should be noted that BT on my phone was off, not to mess with trainer - laptop BT connection.

This is a second time this happened to me. And i see it is not only me. I am upset that there is no reaction from zwift. They don’t even try to troubleshoot it. Pretty disappointed with customer service.


I wrote an email to zwift support. Two days later the stage was added by them.