TDZ Stage 9 Not Marked as Complete

I finished stage 9 (b) of the Tour de Zwift during the 5:00pm PST ride tonight. The companion app will not let me view my results. The app says I’m still riding. The TDZ site shows this stage as incomplete. I rode using the Windows app. Saved my ride and closed the app. I can see that others that I follow have finished the ride. I hope I don’t have to do this ride again. I’ve completed all other 8 stages. Please let me know what’s happening ASAP. If I need to ride this again I want to know soon.

Quick update. The companion app no longer shows the ride as currently active. I still show stage 9 as incomplete. The stats have not been added to my weekly goals or the challenge. The TDZ kit has not been unlocked.

The same problem.
I rode this stage yesterday (0700p.m.) but I have no result of this.

I attached two files. One is probably fail. Second one is about my ride. After finish of TdZ I continued 1,5 hour at recovery mode.

I don’t know where is problem.