Stage 6 TDZ not completed

I rode for the TDZ today at 1 pm (France).
I finished the Alp de Zwift and i even gone downhill, but the event status stayed at “schedule ride”.

The session appears on :
38.6 kms
Elevation : 1221 m
AVG Watts : 174

Do you have an idea ?

Thanks for your answer.

Hi, exactly the same for me… stage 6 is completed (received the email) but not “thumbed up” in the app, and my ride did not upload to strava

Hi - have exactly the same issue - can see my tour de Zwift stage 6 (A) ride completed on my account - but showing incomplete on the TdZ progress tracking site. Notified support yesterday but yet to reply.


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After all the effort and sweat, I share the same experiences as FRED, STUART and OLIVIER.
I completed the stage, got the email to confirm this but the tracking does not show that I have completed it. What I must elaborate on is that my Zwift crashed on the downhill, so there was no save prompt or an upload to Strava. I managed to upload it though by manually looking for the TCX files.
BTW… I also logged this with ZWIFT Support and still no reply.

I didn’t receive any email to confirm.
But i also received no answer from the support

The support answered me ! My stage 6 is now thumbed up :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

"Hey Fred!

Thanks for reaching out to us about this!

This issue has happened to quite a few people, so we are going to get you added to our list of people this has happened to. At the end of TDZ please be patient awaiting your kit unlock since we have to manually do the unlock for ALOT of people.

We are sorry for the inconvenience this causes!

Thanks for your support!

Ride On! "

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I’ve since received feedback from support and got my “thumbs-up” for the stage 6 ride.
I’m satisfied with the feedback, it seems like my issue is resolved.

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Yes. We can thank the support :+1::+1:

How did you contact support?

I have same problem with Stage 4(A).
Looks like I just have to wait.

Same problem for me on Stage 4 (A). I just emailed support and sent them screenshots and my .fit file - let’s hope they will add the thumbsup for us soon, Kaide!