Zwift broke down directly after finishing Stage 1 / Stage not completed

Hi there,
after finishing the first stage of TDZ, 10 seconds after crossing the finish line, Zwift broke down.
When I relogged in, only the mileage and time of that ride was still shown, but not that I completed Stage 1. Even in Companion the chat for Stage 1 was still on.

Is there a way to recover my data, mark the first stage as completed or do I have to complete it again?

Thanks for your assistance here.


I had the same issue on 5th Jan and specifically picked another ride today with a lot less riders today (Jan 6th). It crashed for me today as well.

As far as I can see, there’s no way to mark the stage as done. However, you might get lucky if you redo the stage, but it’s not a great solution to have to retry the stage with a possibility of it crashing for you. And, even if it does work for you, there’s nothing to say that the remaining stages will have the same issue for you.

Sorry. No way.

Same here. On 5th Jan/6pm (GMT) crashed out twice. On 6th Jan/2pm(GMT) crashed after finishing line.
Run on iPad iOS12.5

So my crash on Jan 5th at 2pm had 1000 riders. So other crash on Jan 6th at 10am had 300. Both crashed as soon as I finished the ride.

I’m running an iPad iOS 12.5 which I think may be the issue here.

I see a similarity. When it crashed I was also using Zwift on the iPad.
So this might be the issue.

Today, I will give it another try. But it is not very motivating. Especially as I’ve done a really really good time on my first approach.

I was hoping that there is some kind of support from Zwift that they could mark at least the stage as completed ;). So I don’t have to redo the stage.

@Christen_Burnsley @Marc-Bright @Marc-Bright

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. Thank you all for flagging this up. We’re investigating this issue.

Hey guys,

yesterday I’ve tested to log in via computer: No disruptions, while my previous ride via iPad crashed 1-2 times on the same track and event.
My iPad runs on IOS 12.4.9.

The performance was really poor for the first 15 mins (“Tour of moving images” it should be rather called;) ), but I guess this is a general current issue with the high demand on the TDZ stages.

It seems that the crashes of Zwift are connected with the use of an iPad based on IOS older than below version 13.

@Christen_Burnsley, I’ve just completed the Stage 2 UCI Yorkshire course using my iPad Air running iOS 12.5.

I’m beginning to think the stage 1 crash was because it was a Watopia course with everyone else doing workouts, etc. Add a Stage 1 TDZ ride every hour and I think my older iPad had no choice but to crash.

Stage 2 Yorkshire only had riders doing TDZ so less people to deal with.

@shooj, do you think that’s a possibility as to why Stage 1 failed for me, but Stage 2 worked fine?

@shooj Zwift broke down again today when finishing Stage 3. Same situation in the moment I passed the finish line.

When you did the mountain stage, giving everything you‘ve got and then all should be gone immediately? That’s crazy.
Again, mileage and time of that ride are shown, but not under official TDZ Stage 3.

The entire Stage was running smooth without any interruptions at all, as well as my warmup session before and yesterday’s training.

Without that stage marked as finished, I cannot complete the TDZ at all.
Can you help?

Hi @shooj !
Any luck investigating? I’m having the same problem. I got the email that Stage 2 I complete, but my event was split into two parts in some way when I look in Companion.

Kind regards

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I completed the third part of tour de zwift (watopia), but zwift didn’t save it. My results do appear at zwift power. What did I do wrong?

Did you save and exit after the race or stay in Watopia and do a workout or other event before or after? I’ve seen this cause issues in the past.

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I stayed in Watopia, but so did I in the other 3 races, and they did count as a race…

Hi @Merel_A Welcome to Zwift forums.
I see on our server logs that you did complete the Stage 3 race, and credited you accordingly.

For the future: it’s good practice to save & exit soon after you see the event / route completion banner. Changing worlds, or staying in that world and continuing can put you on a new and different route, and start you down the road of completing this next thing.


@shooj I appear to have a similar issue with the NYC race for stage 5. Please could you see if you could credit it on my account so to speak? The ZP link is here for the event I am talking about (30/01 at 11:11am in the UK).

Hi @shooj
I am missing the stage 1 against my profile too, I also carried on riding after the TdZ ride finished. I did the group ride on the 14th Jan and even got the ride complete email. Could you update please? I could link to zwift power if required.

@Martin_Stanley done!

Thank you! :+1:

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Is it maybe possible to fix this problem with a next upgrade?