Tour de Zwift 2022 Stage 2 Update

Our team is aware of a bug that occurs when starting the Alpe du Zwift descent, affecting Zwifters’ ability to save their ride.

If you encounter this bug, our team will automatically credit your Tour de Zwift Stage 2 ride activity. Additionally, all events will remain as scheduled. If you still wish to complete Stage 2 this weekend, the Standard Ride (Category B or D) and the Shorter Ride (Category C) are available and are unaffected by this bug.

Our team is actively working on a fix to address this bug prior to the Tour de Zwift Feb 7 - Feb 13 make-up week, if you’d prefer to check off Stage 2 at that time.

If only this bug had been fixed in the six months since it was first reported on the forums (and continued to be reported many, many times).


Thank you

Maybe you want to spell out that only (I think?) certain OSs and/or platforms are affected?

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Hi @shooj
Does “automatically” mean that affected riders don’t need to take any action and that the Zwift team will be made aware of any cases internally, working to credit anyone to whom this occurs? Or do those affected still need to contact Zwift somehow to register the issue if for some reason they aren’t credited after crossing the stage-end barrier?

Thanks in advance for the clarification.
I’m guessing that between now and 08:00 CET on Monday (final Stage 2 ride start time), there will still be plenty of people seeing this happen to them.

Yes. If you took part in the Stage 2 Category A rides, you do not have to write in to Customer Support.


On Apple TV, and some iPad models, not sure about iPhone?

Also, switching to camera view 5 or 8 has been known to avoid this issue. After crossing the arch at the top of the alpe, switch camera views until you cross back under the arch and begin the descent, then you can go back to camera view 1 or whatever.


Having this sorted out automatically is a very good move. :+1:
I’ve also just received an email from Zwift with this same message, apparently sent out to anyone who has been registered on a Stage 2 ride.
Also a very good move, IMO.

(Doesn’t affect me directly, as I’ve already done all three Stage 2 rides without a problem, but it’s far better to do a blanket email send-out so that everyone gets the message without having to visit the Forums.)


I experienced the bug crash yesterday and wasn’t able to save the ride. I have had to do it again today.
Will I get yesterdays ride credited too?
I’m aware that I have now completed the stage but it would be nice to receive the mileage and elevation from yesterdays crashed ride (getting close to the tron bike!).
How do u know if the ride crashed by the way? Just curious to know!
I have a screen shot from yesterdays unsaved ride just before it crashed if that helps


I think they are just crediting the completion of the stage on your TdZ tracker, not the missed miles and elevation. Zwift has never been able to give credit for rides that don’t save properly.

@shooj hi. Can you confirm if windows app is affected or not please. Can you also confirm that going to camera 5 or 8 at the top works and where we should do this.

I dont like the idea of not getting miles, xp and elevation credit for a big ride like this - and this may not be fixed by the make-up rides so I would like to get this stage done now. I would prefer to know if I am affected and if so, how to avoid this bug.


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I had this bug occur. At the end of the ride at the top of Alpe du Zwift, the screen went buggy using AppleTV. However, I was able to continue riding back downhill using the Zwift companion app and it all seemed to save normally.


No issues with windows for this bug

One of my club colleagues experienced the bug on his iPhone earlier today.

Any chance you’ll credit the XP missed by not being able to go back downhill?? Trying to level up and earn that Tron bike, total bummer to miss the 240+ XP but not descending the mountain! I’ve gone up Alpe 4 times in the past 2 weeks and always enjoy that glorious downhill leg spin out earning the XP.

I completed cat B and my zwiftpower hasn’t updated

Hello. Completed the cat c”shorter ride” for stage 2 and after I crossed the finish line it did not register as me completing. The distance till end counter actually started to grow. Showed me in first place with no other riders around.

Moving the finish of Stage 2 to a couple 100m PAST the arch at the top of the Alpe was just cruel!!

I thought I would chime in with my experience with this bug in case it helps. I completed the Stage 2 ride that started at 5:00 PM EST this past Friday. Was looking forward to the downhill run but the app locked up when I went under the arch:

I had to force quit the app and when I started it up again it said something along the lines of “It looks like Zwift quit unexpectedly - do you want to return to where you were?” I replied in the affirmative and was amused to see my Tron bike was hanging in space! It quickly moved through the air to the nearest road and instead of being back up on the mountain I was near the Italian villa.

When I ended the ride, the Zwift companion app showed two activities:

The 18.4 mile ride was the start of the Stage 2 ride until the app crashed. The “19.7” mile ride was just the additional 1.3 miles I did after my session was restored. I was given credit for completing Stage 2.

iPad, 8th generation, running OS version 15.1
Zwift version 1.21.0 (100317)

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