Tour de Zwift stage 2bug

Hi, I’ve just finished the long ride of Stage 2 of the 2022 Tour de Zwift but after passing the finishing line confirming my time the system froze. Now the Zwift Companion app confirms it as a Watopia ride and the Stage 2 badge does not recognise the ride. Any chance this can be corrected?

Hi Steve,

Sorry about this - it’s something we’re aware of.

Please contact support and ask them to credit you with the stage completion. If you have any trouble please let me know.

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fwiw, sometimes the badges naturally take 1-2 hrs to show up in the companion app - at least that was my experience for stage 1.

Same issue, app froze, no way to do the descent of the ADZ! Ride shiwing as watopia, no way to export to strava or garmin either

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Your ride will be credited to you if you encounter this bug:

Same thing happened to me.

I was riding on the Apple TV 4K. I completed TDZ 2, rode around the statue, and as soon as I hit the arch to begin my descent Zwift froze. Since I had the companion app open I saw that my avatar was still riding as normal but when I got to the bottom of the Alpe and attempted to save my ride I couldn’t use the remote to close Zwift. Is there anyway to recover the FIT file?

Attached is a screenshot of what Zwift looked like when it froze.

See: Tour de Zwift 2022 Stage 2 Update