Tour De Zwift Stage 9 - Dead

Unbelievable!! Just completed Stage 9, just as I was about to click “stay here” (rather than go back to Watopia) the game completely closed. I was even registered as completing the stage, took a Photo and everything. Lol

Looked on and it’s got the activity name as the date, rather than “tour De Zwift”, etc and minus 3 and half miles.

The activity is the on the companion app, minus the metrics. Leaderboard is there with finishing time.
What’s it all about? Is there a way to recover?

Talk about glitchy!!!

Hey, I’ve got the same problem here. I’ve got the .fit files for a 22 mile warm up in Watopia, a B Group Stage 9 plus a lap, both show up on the Companion App, both show up on, although like yours, my Stage 9 is not title as such. Even received the completion email almost immediately after crossing the line. I also passed the 10,000 calorie mark to complete the mission between both rides and did not receive credit for either.

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Yup… I was tired and registered to the Stage 9 © today at 5pm. However, upon joining the tour, realized I was in the A group. No problem… I did the 4 laps. I saw the count down to the finish line… yay! I crossed the finish line… and then, a mileage increase was shown instead. I cooled down for a few miles. When exiting, I was asked if I “really wanted to quit” - I knew something went wrong… I received no credit for the Stage 9 (neither A or C).

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Yeah, I got the email confirming I completed. Seemingly, like others, the challenge in the game (Day tiles) doesn’t seem to be complete. Stage 9 is still there waiting to be completed?! On a side note, mine is showing the full activity in ZwiftPower too?!

Arrrrgh! That’s a nightmare!! Even though I don’t have to complete again, to quench my obsessiveness, I;m going to do it again on Saturday. Nightmmare!!

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