Recent Survey on ToW is broken

Hi Zwift,

Sorry, but I don’t know where else to post this. I recently received an email from your survey team. I’m happy to provide feedback, but this survey is broken and a kind of disappointing waste of my time. It starts off by asking if I’ve heard of Tour of Watopia, even though the email makes it seem as if it was sent to me because I did some part of the Tour of Watopia with the language “We want to hear about what you like to do on Zwift, and especially about your expetiences [sic] in the 2022 Tour of Watopia.”

Then it asks which stages I completed including an option that helpfully autocompletes to “All stages” if I click on all the stages. But then the next question asks “Why didn’t I complete all the stages.” Then it asks for a more detailed text description of that. Then it loops around and around and I can’t complete anything after that.

I’m happy to provide feedback on a service I use as much as Zwift, but this survey did not make me feel like a valued user.

Thanks Brent - I’ve passed your feedback on to our team.

Just noting I had this experience too, not limited to just one user.

Yep. Same here too. The survey goes from completing all five ride stages to a question asking why I didn’t run all the stages.

Same here. Below are my screen dumps. After this stuff up… I just gave up!

Good one Zwift… Still waiting for my Dura-Ace Challenge jersey also!

One is ride, the other is run. Poorly worded questions (or the highlighting could be better) but they do make sense based on that.