Tour de Watopia Stage 4 missing

I did Tour de Watopia Stage 4 Shorter Ride on 4/14 and it shows in my feed. But when I look at my Tour de Watopia on the “card” that displays when I come to the first screen, stage 4 is not checked. What is going on? Why isn’t it showing as done? How can I get that fixed???

Very frustrating since it’s my first Tour and I really want to complete all the segments.

I had the same problem with my TOW Stage 5 ride. I completed the shorter ride of Stage 5 and even did a couple of extra miles because I noticed I didn’t get the completion banner after crossing the finish line. I contacted Zwift support and was directed to a Zwift Ambassador who said they would pass the issue on to the Tech team to fix. But, I haven’t seen any update yet.

This is also my first Tour and the last stage of the Tour. It was frustrating to have finished the ride and Tour and to not get credit for it! I guess, worst case, I’ll need to ride it again. (I know, first world problems.)

Yes, my first tour too. I brought my Neo 2T with me on a trip so I wouldn’t miss a stage. Now stage 4 is over, so I can’t even redo it.

There’s a make-up week at the end for any missed stages.

Yeah, but I’m on the road for those 3 days. Riding after 8+ hours of driving is pretty close to impossible for me.

The jungle seems to do something to Zwift’s software - many people had the same issue (there was an overall “we had a bug, we’ve corrected it and marked it as completed” for this stage end last week if I remember), they had issues galore with the Tour de Zwift jungle stage, etc. Probably too much humidity.

Anyway - I’d send a support request.

How can I send a support request? I looked around a lot, but keep getting directed to forums. They help say it’s a problem, but it’s not fixing it!!