Tour of Watopia Stage 2 event not showing up in Zwiftpower

I completed a section of the Tour of Watopia Stage 2 this evening (Sunday, 7pm PST) and later noticed that the results never appeared in Zwiftpower (for anyone, not just myself). I do see results from earlier and later Stage 2 sections, but the 19:00 event is nowhere to be found. Poof! :thought_balloon:

PST or PDT? :slight_smile:

I’ve added it now and the results should show in the next 15 minutes.

Hi James, thanks for the help. So now I am able to see the 19:00 event (Pacific Time) in ZP, though I’m not included on the results page… my Activity Profile shows that I completed the event (first category A finisher), however. I can also see the fit file in my ZP account, so it seems strange that I’m not included on the updated event results page.

You’re there now, Neal :slight_smile:

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Thanks James!

Similar issue in the Stage 3 event today, about 1hr ago (7pm UK or 8pm CET).
The event page was missing already before the event started, and it is still missing.


Same issue. No 7pm TOW stage 3 visible on ZP.

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Same issue here, TOW stage 3 (8pm CET) not visible in ZP :wink:

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@JamesBailey can you help us here?

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adorns red cape

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Results are there now.

red cape swooshes in the wind


Thanks! Seems ok now indeed :blush:

Hi there I have same issue for Stage 2. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Any clues John :slight_smile:

Hi James, Maybe I’m in the wrong place thread. I completed Stage 2 14th March - I can see the completed effort in Zwift/zwift companion. But not showing completed in the profile. Other than doing the ride again anyway this ride can be recognised? Thanks

Can you tell me the time and time zone of the event that you completed? There’s a few of them :slight_smile:

Sorry for being so crap… :blush:
14th March @ GMT 19:01 (based in the UK)

Thanks John, I don’t see you there either, although the event looks fine.

Mind letting me know your profile ID so I can try and find out what’s gone on?

Hey James,

Thanks for all the time on this.ID is user1110817


Thanks John - I can see the ride in your activities list but not on the event itself. This could mean a brief internet issue which resulted on the “event finished notification” not being sent to Zwiftpower.

If you contact the support team they should be able to manually credit you for the stage but we won’t be able to get it to show up on ZP I’m afraid.