Tour of Watopia Stage 3 doesn't show up on Zwiftpower

Rode the Tour of Watopia Stage 3 ride today at 3PM EDT (15:00). Every other ToW stage appears in Zwiftpower for today, but not this one.

Why? What happened? Is it in the ether? Will it never show?

Enquiring minds want to know.

I’ve done several hundred rides on ZP and this is the first time this has happened.

Many thanks.

Same issue for me for the same ride.


Same issue for me on the ToW Stage 3 ride at 19.00 ride - there’s only very few results for over 1700 riders on ZP, even though the Zwift Companian App and Strava show the ride for me

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I did my first AdZ ride yesterday in the ToW Stage 3 (B route) ride, but ZwiftPower doesn’t show any segment results for me for Alpe du Zwift.

The event ID was 2836007. I can see myself on the results page, byt my ZPower page doesn’t list AdZ, nor does the segment page for AdZ show any result in “Your Fastest Times”.

I checked some of the top riders in the same ride, they don’t show up in the segment results either, so it’s not just me.

Any ideas?


Issue resolved - when I woke up this morning the results had appeared. Hadn’t seen such a delay before. If a human had a hand in resolving this, then thank you! - Chip

I think I fixed this earlier as it cropped up in another thread.

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I ran the stage 3 and completed it Wed., but it is not showing as completed. Only stage and 2 are showing complete…

The issue I reported doesn’t seem to have been fixed, AdZ is still missing from segment results for some riders in event 2836007.
Route A riders seem to have results, but from the top 20 of the B route riders only six appear in segment results.

I did my TOW 3 ride at the same time,but it was Downtown Titans (C ride). That ride is correctly shown for me in Zwift Power

I think this is likely to be down to the fact that when a single lap of an event that finishes at the top of the Alpe (eg Road to Sky / Tour of Fire and Ice) sometimes the segment doesn’t record when the end of the segment coincides with the event finish line.

I know that I’ve mentioned this on previous stages and I also know that I’ve said that we’ll be more careful in the future, so I’m frustrated and also very sorry that this happened again.

That ride didn’t show up for me yesterday, but did this morning (I kept looking as well). I think it was that there were so many riders (C, where I did it, had over 1300) that it just took forever in processing. Not sure why it didn’t show up at all instead of showing up without results or something. I was afraid that somehow it hadn’t been recorded, but I got the completion email right afterward and it was there in Strava with my segment PRs.

It wasn’t added to Zwiftpower. I added it. Now it appears.

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As someone who for whatever reason has never completed the Tour of Fire and Ice (have done longer routes and routes with more climbing, but that one just always seems to sap my willpower at somewhere between turns 12 and 7 and I find a reason that I need to stop and do something else), I was planning on doing the A route this weekend. I hope I would be able to get the badge for it even if I didn’t get any credit for it on Zwiftpower.

Yes, this is the segment time for the KOM on zwiftpower only. It does not affect your ability to get the badge, nor will it affect the segment on Strava.

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I rode the AdZ a second time during ToW 3, this time in the A group. Now I do see a result in “Your fastest times” for the segment, but the Power reading is wrong:

Last Day - 1:07:16 - 178w - 71.2kg - 2.5w/kg

I was keeping around 200 W through the whole climb, and Strava lists my power at 202 W (that’s 2.84 W/kg) for the segment.

The average power for the whole “Tour of Fire and Ice from Start Pier” ride is correct, though, 196W.