Zp on Zwift power website

Hello, I received a ZP result on the Zwift Power website for Watopia Stage 1 for running. Is there any possibility that Zwift can address this? Thank you.

Email zwiftpower@zwift.com

Congratulations on your run gold medal. I assume you were able to get your result corrected. Unfortunately I suspect this will happen to you in every Tour of Watopia run stage if you come in the top three.

@manda_F I’m not sure if you are the person to approach but I suspect this issue is exactly the same as last year:

This affects the top three finishers in every TOW run if they do not have power as their type.

why haven’t Zwift fixed this? It’s still happening every single ToW run

Zwift don’t seem to consider it is a thing - but of course if you do actually come in the top 3 as a runner and then receive a ZP and no race position then - it is a thing!


Hi Dean,

I’m not being facetious when i ask but…

What is it you are missing out on?

I’m trying to work out why the issue of inadvertent awarding of ZP in a group run (not race) is so contentious.

Have you made contact with them by sending an email to


Sharing the specifics could assist them in addressing the issue.

I emailed them and they fixed problem I had.

I think it going to happen every stage I will get a ZP on the website

It probably will owing to how the event is generated.

Doubt it’ll change and I’m still failing to see why people are so precious about it when it’s neither a race nor did the results count for anything in terms of ranking or category enforcement.

I enjoy visiting the Zwift Power website to see my digital trophy next to the event I completed.

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