Tour of Watopia [October 2023]

Don’t forget that Zwift has made changes to the auto-braking when you stop pedaling, ie reduced the speed at which auto-brake kicks in so it takes longer to roll to a stop if you don’t use the “opening the pairing screen” method of stopping.

I haven’t tested how well stopping works on the jungle route with these changes but it’s something you may need to be aware of especially entering into the jungle as it’s a slight downhill.

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Just use the pairing screen method, trust me - I use it daily on Road to Sky to do bike swap just at the start of the paved part where you turn to go onto AdZ.

I usually get the bike swap done in well under 10 seconds.

I start road to sky with MTB - it is reasonably fast downhill on the descent to start of the gravel part.

I wonder if the pairing screen method will disappear some day… hope not!

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@Aoi_Niigaki Thanks for the reminder - I haven’t been using Zwift too much over the past few months, so I’d forgotten about these changes. I do always use the pairing screen method when time is of the essence, but this is a good reminder for when I’m trying to slow to a stop during “normal” rides and start wondering why it’s taking longer than expected.

used the coffee stop coming out of the jungle and came to a complete stop, wouldn’t have expected that to happen

Why do I have a ZP on the tour of watopia run 3?
I had cadence-hr and a very average pace?


Because you came in top 3. Been going on for last year and although James might have tried to sort I think it s because TOW events are set up as no ZPower podium and you did.

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Route list presented in app differs from routes published here earlier. Surly, publishing the list of routes ahead of the tour is not that difficult… right?

I’m experiencing what I think is a bug on the Double XP.
I haven’t completed the Triple Flat Loops route. If I start to ride it as a Free Ride I get 40XP per km as expected, but joining Pace Partner Maria on the course yesterday and today was only crediting 20XP per km.
Is anyone else seeing that (or is it supposed to work like this? I am pretty sure I’ve got 40Xp/km with Pace Partners earlier in the tour)

They fixed that bug of double xp outside of the tour

no glasses? 3 items only jersey, shoes and cap

I finished Stage 5, but it still is shown as not done and i did not get the jersey and other apparel. How can I solve this?

I’m sorry to say I think you may have stopped your group ride just over 1 mile short of the full route. That is why you didn’t receive the route badge or stage 5 credit. Did you see the route bar count down to zero?

You may need to do stage 5 again.

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I completed stages 2-5 and unfortunately I was too late to join Watopia 2023. Are there plans to repeat the stages afterwards like at other events? I can’t find any information on this.



Make-Up Stages

Missed a stage or two? Or maybe you just want more of that sweet double XP? Make-up stages will be held from November 6-12. During those 7 days, Zwift will host events every 30 minutes covering all 5 stages.

Hi Ian,

thx for your reply. No I’m asking because I wants to solved the “mission” to get the badge like the events before:

You can choose one of the Stage 1 routes and ride it on your own and you will get credit for the stage and also get the double XP. You do not have to wait for the make-up times and dates.

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Apologies, maybe some confusion. You asked if they would repeat the stages.

I answered yes and copied and pasted the information from Zwift.

The group ride stages will be repeated in week 6th - 12th November.

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Oops, has it always been the case that you can ride the stages independently of the Group Ride? Then I’ve never understood that before. Thank you very much, I will try it out.

This is the first time that Tour of Watopia has added this feature. It was previously used in the Tour of Makuri Islands and people seemed to like it. The group events are still well attended so I don’t think it significantly bled riders from the events.


Tour of Watopia completed this morning.
New routes are great. Thanks to the people at Zwift !

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