Tour of Watopia 2021 FAQ

What is Tour of Watopia?
Tour of Watopia is a five-stage event on the island that started it all. Ride or run the flats of Watopia, hit the jungle, and take it all the way to the top with fun mountain climbs. From long or short rides, the choice is yours.

You’ll earn double XP (experience points) during this Tour. What does this mean? It means you can level up faster than ever. New levels means more swag to style up and customize your avatar in Zwift!

Want to learn more about XP in Zwift? These blog posts lay it out:
Prepare to ride Tour of Watopia
Prepare to run Tour of Watopia

When does Tour of Watopia start and finish?
Stage 1 starts on March 29 and each stage will be available for 5 days.
The final stage wraps up on April 22
In addition, there will be one week of make-up stages from April 23 – 29.

What if I miss a stage?
Makeup stages will be available between April 23 and April 29, after Stage 5 finishes. During that one week, we’ll host events to cover all 5 stages. Event slots are limited, so make sure to get your stages done early!

What do I get for completing all stages?
You’ll get two stylish in-game kits for completing the Tour of Watopia!
One kit is unlocked after completing any one stage.
The second Finisher’s kit unlocks only after completing all five stages. Both are shown in this image below:

Will there be races during the Tour?
These are socially paced group rides and runs. You’re welcome to ride or run as fast as you like, but event results won’t be displayed at the end.

I’d like to run and ride all of Tour of Watopia. Is that something I can do?
We’re impressed! Well, good news: You can both ride and run the Tour. Complete all 5 stages in both sports, and you’ll score FOUR kit unlocks for your efforts.

Are there Women’s Only group rides?
Absolutely. All Category C group rides will be women only.

What’s the difference between the ride categories?
Each stage will offer three different routes for you to explore—ride one or ride them all!

Category A will be the longest ride, requiring the most amount of time.
Category B will require the shortest amount of time to complete.
Category C is the women only category and will lie somewhere in between Category A and B in terms of duration.
Category E features the Rookie Rides, geared towards newcomers and will follow the same B route.

You will see these categories listed as:
Category A: Longer Ride
Category B: Shorter Ride
Category C: Standard Ride (Women Only)
Category E: Rookie Ride

What’s the difference between the run categories?
Each stage will offer two different routes for you to enjoy—run one or run them both!

Category A will be the longer run, requiring the most amount of time.
Category B will require a shorter amount of time to complete.
Category E events are for Rookie Runs, geared towards newcomers and will follow the same B route.

You will see these categories listed as:
Category A: Longer Run
Category B: Shorter Run
Category E: Rookie Run.

Can I free ride or run the distance without joining a group event?
You must join the group event to complete each stage. We’re offering multiple events per day to help with everyone’s schedules.

Can I complete all of the stages whenever I want?
The Tour follows a specific order, so to complete each stage, participants must finish them in order or during the designated make-up days.

How does double XP work and why is it important?
Every mile or kilometer you finish during Tour of Watopia rewards you with double the usual experience points (XP). The more experience points you have the faster you can reach new levels and unlocks—jerseys, gloves, glasses, and more!

How does double XP benefit those at level 50?
We’re cheering you on and clapping loudly if you’ve hit Level 50. Although you’re maxed out at XP, there’s no ceiling on fun.

How can I withdraw from Tour of Watopia?
Want to bow out? To unregister from Tour of Watopia, select the links to unenroll:

Withdraw from Tour of Watopia Ride
Withdraw from Tour of Watopia Run

You can also rejoin the fun at any time!

Is it possible to do a stage more than once (and will there be double XP for any subsequent ToW rides/repetitions)?


How will you stop anyone entering a rookie ride and ruining it for genuine rookies?


Part of the fun is the Zwift game, above and beyond the fun of turning the pedals on an indoor bike.

But if more XP gets more people with influence on Zwift to level 50 and wondering where level 51 is, that might be helpful.


I’m not sure I believe you. Can you post a video of that?


I think it is time for more levels, we don’t need more stuff (socks, jerseys and gloves) just add the number so we can see our levels.


Trying to register for first-ever tour ride. Times shown for registration are only 12.00 am, 1.00 am and 2.00 am. Surely there are other options?? Can someone help a newbie?

Hi @David_Ervin, welcome to the forums! On the website I am seeing many options to schedule the ride (not looking at run events) and looks like they are every hour on the hour.

EDIT: only stage one and two are currently available to schedule.

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Will we earn the route badges for the routes completed during the Tour? Thank you, very excited!


Yes, that has always worked in the past, so it should still be true.

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Are the new Pack Dynamics going to be used in these events?

I would guess yes. More news on this coming soon…

Well I’ve just registered for stage 1 30 March - every hour there’s a ride

If someone identifies as a rookie, no argument - they’re a rookie. Same as the women’s category.

The Events team confirmed that all Tour of Watopia events will have new Pack Dynamics enabled.


David Ervin is correct regarding the Category E rides. Stage 1 has only one date for Cat E with 3 times available. Stage 2 has two dates, also with very limited times.

In the past, there have been 3 distance choices: long, medium and short, A, B, C, with the women only ride (D) being a separate duplicate of the middle length ride (B). Could the medium length be added for those of us who want to ride a bit harder than the short ride, but are not quite up for the long ride. I have ridden the middle length ride in many previous events, and it has worked very well for me. That still leaves the E ride for the rookies.


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Unless I missed it, Zwift can stop men from entering the women’s races. They can’t stop non-rookies entering the rookie rides.


You could at last years ToW. Great way to harvest XP throughout the weeks.

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