Tour of Watopia 2021 FAQ

Who are the rookies?

“Category E features the Rookie Rides, geared towards newcomers and will follow the same B route.”

Knowing what people are like for entering Cat C & D when they aren’t I can see this being a disaster for genuine rookies.

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Is it possible to ride TOW on weekends? A bit easier to find time for the longer rides.

Only if the stage runs over a weekend, Stage 2 starts on Saturday April 3rd. Stage 1 runs Monday - Friday (depending on your local time zone). Stage 3 should also be over a weekend. Stages 4 and 5 split the same weekend. Make up week covers a weekend too.

I see thank you. I only booked the first stage and just assumed all remaining would be Mon-Fri as well. Glad that’s not the case.

Hi, got a few questions about the double XP.

  1. Is the XP bonus only whilst we are doing the 5 scheduled rides?
  2. Or is is double XP for rides outside of the event rides? If so does it extend to other courses besides Watopia?
  3. Do we get a double XP route bonus for doing a scheduled ride on a route we’ve not done before?


It will only be for the Tour events.

Thank you

I’d guess something level based. Below level 10 perhaps.

In a previous double XP event, if you continued to ride beyond the event finish, you would continue to accrue double XP for the remainder of that session.

Also, IIRC, you would get double XP for the XP powerups as well as distance. This time around, I wonder if you will get double XP for any route badges obtained.

Goto Tuesday the next day i think theres lots more better times on there

It’s not a race - if someone takes off faster than you want to go, just let them. No one can ruin it other than jacka__ language - report them if you experience that.

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It is too bad that they don’t have it setup so that men can ride the C length ride as a mixed sex ride. A ride is the longest, B and E, the standard ride is the shortest, often by quite a bit. The C ride falls nicely in the middle as far as distance is concerned. From my standpoint, it looks like the C ride would often be my ride of choice. If I was really ambitious, I would do the C ride, then maybe the A ride if I was feeling ambitious, and then definitely the B ride. In the past there has been a D ride which was a women’s ride that was the same length as the middle length ride. The Tour de Zwift provided 3 levels of rides per stage. It seems like Zwift could easily provide this feature in the Tour of Watopia. Looking through the list of rides, it seems as though the best and most interesting rides are the C rides. What do we have here-reverse discrimination, saving the best for the ladies? The C rides should be open to all comers, or a separate category that would include men and women should be added.


Hi There, what time zone is the Tour of Watopia based on. Meaning if i sign up for 3pm version this is alot different in Australia.

Also where is C Grade for men?

Welcome, Simon!

If you sign in, times on are listed in your local time zone.

It doesn’t exist. In this rare instance, it sucks to have a Y chromosome.


That’s why I had to join C-group ladies only ride, although I wanted to go with Rookies first to learn more about the tour :smiley:

Tour of Watopia rides aren’t races, and they’re not organised on a power basis. The groups are for all abilities, but vary in some other criterion:

A: long route
B: short route
C: women only ride
E: Rookie Ride

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I totally agree. I have nothing against providing the best for the ladies, even as women-only events, as long as you make it available also for the guys in one way or another :slight_smile:
In this vein, I have contacted Zwift support, asking why the event was set up like that and suggesting that category D, currently unused, be used to host an open ride on the C route, therefore providing the same opportunities for all the riders, regardless of gender.
Zwift Support replied that they brought this suggestion to the dev team for their review, but that they cannot guarantee its implementation in this year’s event, as it’s up to dev team.
They also said that the more attention a topic gets on the forums, the more chances are for it to be acted upon.
One other thing that I asked them was to let me know how such an obvious “reverse gender inequality issue” can be officially escalated to Zwift management, to flag this approach as not consistent with the Zwift proclaimed values of fairness and equal treatment towards their user base… I haven’t received any reply to this :expressionless:

Reverse discrimination?? What a load of rubbish.


Making a mountain out of a mole hill perhaps? I can’t see what route the Women only cats are riding, except for on stage one in the companion app. However, the difference between the A ride and the C ride is negligible. A ride is 18.1 miles and C ride is 17.3, they are similar routes too except the A ride goes up the hilly KOM. Maybe the other stages have larger differences in length, I don’t know?

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