Tour of Watopia Running 2022 FAQ

What is the Tour of Watopia?
The Tour of Watopia is a multi-stage journey on Zwift. All 5 stages will earn you double XP, shorthand for Experience Points. Collect enough XP and you’ll level up in the game. With new levels, come new in-game routes, products, and/or clothes.

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When does the Tour of Watopia start and finish?
Stage 1 starts on March 9 and each stage will last 4 days.
The final stage, Stage 5, wraps up on March 28th.
In addition, there will be six days of make-up events from March 29 - April 3.

Stage 1: March 9 - 12
Stage 2: March 13 - 16
Stage 3: March 17 - 20
Stage 4: March 21 - 24
Stage 5: March 25 - 28
Make-Up: March 29 - April 3

What if I miss a stage?
Makeup stages will be available between March 29 - April 3rd, after Stage 5 finishes.
During that one week, we’ll host events to cover all 5 stages. Events will be offered on a rotating schedule but slots are limited, so make sure to check our schedule and get them done!

Do I only get double XP in one event per stage or do I get it in every Tour of Watopia event I join?

When you join any Tour of Watopia event, you will receive double XP! That means if you decide to run your favorite stage more than once, you’ll get double XP for every event you join. You can schedule your events at or in the Zwift Companion app.

What do I get for completing all stages?
You’ll get three stylish in-game unlocks for completing the 2022 Tour of Watopia. You will unlock the cap after one event, trail running shoes after 3 events, and the 2022 kit after completing all 5 events.

Will there be races during the Tour?
No, but you are welcome to run as fast as you like. These are group events and event results won’t be displayed at the end.

I’d like to run and ride all of the Tour of Watopia. Is that something I can do?
We’re impressed by your courage! Well, good news: You can both run and ride the Tour. Your efforts in both will net you SIX unlocks for your achievements, based on completion of all 5 stages in both Ride and Run.

What’s the difference between the run categories?
Each stage will offer two different routes for you to enjoy—run one or run them both!

Category A will be the longest run, requiring the most amount of time.
Category B will require the shortest amount of time to complete.

You will see these categories listed as:

  • Category A: Longer Run
  • Category B: Shorter Run

Can I free-run the distance without joining a group event?
No. You must join the group event to complete each stage. We’re offering multiple events per day to help with everyone’s schedules.

Can I complete all of the stages whenever I want?
No. The Tour follows a specific order, so to complete it, participants must finish stages in order or during the designated make-up days.

How does Double XP work and why is it important?
Every mile or kilometer you finish during Tour of Watopia rewards you with double the usual experience points (XP). The more experience points you have the faster you can reach new levels and unlocks (outfits and accessories)!

What is a “Rebel Route”?
A rebel route is a route that the community created, but is not in game. Four of this year’s Tour of Watopia cycling routes and two running routes are former “Rebel Routes” that are now in-game with badges.

Other than kits, what benefit does Tour of Watopia present for level 50 riders or level 20 runners?
This year, Tour of Watopia will include 5 new cycling routes and 3 new running routes with badges first offered in the Tour. One of these routes will be event-only so this is your chance to get a badge only offered during the Tour of Watopia.

How can I withdraw from Tour of Watopia?
Want to bow out? No problem, to withdraw from Tour of Watopia, select the link to unenroll from Tour of Watopia Run

You can also rejoin the fun at any time!