Tour of Watopia Running 2020 FAQ

Tour of Watopia 2020 begins March 9. This year, you have an opportunity to level up faster with double experience points for both run and ride events.

What is Tour of Watopia?
Explore the world that started it all. All 5 stages will earn you double XP. What does this mean? It means you can level up faster than ever. Unlock new routes and clothes with every level.

When does Tour of Watopia start and finish?
Stage 1 starts on Mar 9. The final stage wraps up on Mar 28.

How do I get started?
From the Tour of Watopia homepage, click into each stage page. You’ll see a description of the stage, the available dates, and the scheduler feature for upcoming events.

Give yourself 10 minutes before your start time to get a pre-jog in. We notify you in-game when your event is about to start, so don’t worry about losing track of time while warming up. Once you join the event and your avatar stands at the starting line, talk to the other runners and see if anyone wants to run your pace.

What equipment do I need?
A speed device like a footpod or treadmill sensor (and make sure it’s properly calibrated!). A heart monitor is a good bonus but not totally necessary. Finally, make sure your treadmill station has enough water, a towel, and that your fan is turned on.

Is Zwift Run Free?
100%. Running on Zwift currently requires no paying subscription.

What if I miss a stage?
Makeup stages will be available between March 29 and April 2, after Stage 5 finishes. During that one week, we’ll host events to cover all 5 stages. Event slots are limited, so make sure to get your runs in!

What do I get for completing all stages?
You’ll get a stylish in-game Tour of Watopia 2020 shirt!

Do I have to participate in both distances to finish a stage?
No, just choose whichever distance you’re comfortable running that day, and you’ll get credit. If you’re feeling ambitious, up the ante and compete in Group A for a longer run. Short on time? Push it in the shorter distance with Group B.

Can I race the running stages?
Yes. Each stage allows participants to either run at their own pace or tear it up to get to the podium all within the same event.

Do I need to participate in both Ride and Run events to complete Tour of Watopia?
No. While that’s a next-level accomplishment, one we encourage everyone to try, there’s no requirement to take everything on.

I’d like to run and ride all of Tour of Watopia.
We’re impressed by your courage! Well, good news: You can both ride and run the Tour. Your efforts in both will net you TWO unlocks for your achievements.

How long do I have to complete each stage?
Each stage will be available for four days before moving onto the next.

Can I free run or race the distance without joining a group run?
No. You must join the group runs to complete each stage. We’re offering multiple group runs per day to help with everyone’s schedules.

Can I complete all of the stages whenever I want?
No. The Tour follows a specific order, so to complete each stage, participants must finish them in order or during the designated make-up days.

How do I withdraw from Tour of Watopia?
Want to bow out? No problem, just click through to officially withdraw. You can also rejoin the fun at any time!

How does Double XP work and why is it important?
Every mile or kilometer you finish during Tour of Watopia rewards you with double the usual experience points. How does this help? You can reach new levels and unlocks (outfits and hidden routes) at an even quicker rate!

Is Stage 2 (Tempus Fugit) really 19.6k? That’s cool and everything, but I’m surprised to see no other options other than an A group.

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Get a taste of Watopia’s slick desert as we jet through the flat, fast landscape. We’ll sweep through the Old West town of Desert Flats before chugging onward, towards a hidden oasis and the retro resort, Saddle Springs. If you see the roadrunner, you’re doing something right.

It’s a 30 minute run, go as far as you can (personally, not 19.6km).


Stage 2 is a time-based event: 30 minutes.
Stage 5 is also a 30 minute time-based event.

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Times for the runs are pretty thin pickings. I will not be able to participate in the event due the event times.

It seems like you could rotate the schedule by one hour everyday for each stage.

For example Monday 6am race could be at 7am the next day.

Why wouldn’t you do it this way? That one hour adjustment means a lot to many of us.


I completed the Stage 1 run but I didn’t see/receive the double XP as advertised ? In game I received the XP as normal (10xp per 1/4km : 40xp per km).

Hi @Stefan_Klincewicz_IR welcome to Zwift forums.

Please update your game app. The reason you’re not seeing correct function is you’re on an older version 1.0.44575 of the game app.


This question was raised on another thread, so here’s an update for our Tour of Watopia runners.

Runners will earn double XP for distance and calories on ToW stages.
Other achievements (ex: level ups, route completion badges) will earn normal XP.

Not really enticing when I’ve been maxed out on my running level for ages now. Also, as another member noted, the times available for the running stages are really poor–either 5pm or 9pm in the evenings during the week…:-1:

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Just finished stage 2 and ran hard. Came second which I was happy with but the scoreboard put me 14th. The guy who came 3rd was placed as 30th on the scoreboard. Is it a bug or did I simply get the objective wrong - to go as far as you could in 30 mins? Lol

It’s all good. I came in around 70th but the score board put me at 14th too. :grin: it looked like there was a 10th place tie for 14th.

Same thing happened to me. I was 27th at the end of the stage 2 race, but the ranking board puts me at 82.

Must be a bug. Or there is some other calculation that I’m not aware of.

It’s because the ToW runs are not official races.
They are set up as group runs, and stage 2 was a timed event so everyone finished with a time of 30 minutes. This is how every group event (run or ride) is for timed events versus a distance based one. The “leaderboard” for a timed event will be random in essence.

Ok, that makes more sense.

I thought the ranking was going to be based on the distance covered within 30 minutes (the further the distance, the better the rank).

@Jeff_Harris that would be a good idea and probably wouldn’t be too hard to code for (not sure as I am not a coder). It’s possible a future update to Zwift can or will correct this but for now the only events that will list a real leader board are ones based on distance (i.e. course) and not time.

It’s a workaround but for future timed events you can always take a screen shot right near the end (with a second or so left) and that will capture your place overall since it shows on the right side of the screen above the riders/runners list.

I’m still going to say I came in 14th. :smiley:


Same for me I ran hard in my run, in game placed me 6th but results was 24th on the companion and 13th on Zwift power. When I looked at the placings on companion app the “winner” was 1 minute per km slower than me on almost every km. Disappointing. I’m not keen on the timed run, would rather a set distance.

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Is it only me but how to see the ranking of the 2 time based tour event. All I see is a random listing of everyone regardless of their speed.