Missing result fron zwiftpower race ranking?

Until a couple of weeks ago, my zp race ranking included my best points, then those points are apparently gone, what happened?

Dropped ones are over 3 months old. From what I can see, the ones that make up your top5 now are correct and no others form past 3 months are any better than the 5th highest.

Thanks, I figured it was something along those lines. For some reason, I thought it was a 6 month window.


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Today I missed my result from the second Race of watopia. at 5:15 cet. I had started in Group A and i was listed after the race at place 6. But on Zwiftpower I am not listed. I got a ZP for my race, but i dont why? I had started in the right group, and yes it was my best race. I really tortured myself. My wattage was 3.9 W/kg. Is this too much?
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Mathias Scheefer

Hi Mathias - as you are on a non-smart trainer without a Zwift profile (ZPower) you cant get podiums in that ride series.

If you had come 4th, you would not have been DQ’ed!

ZPower trainers are sometimes restricted in events (not allowed at all, or not allowed to podium) so always check Zwiftpower event listing.