Race ranking on Zwift different from Zwiftpower

after finishing a race, Zwift shows me in 5th postiion, but in Zwiftpower, im 3rd.
i believe some were disqualified, but im not sure. and if so, why Zwift itself dont disqualify…
i thought that Zwift power is sponsored/sync with Zwift…am im missing something?

Some people haven’t opted in to ZwiftPower so don’t appear in the results there.

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If you click on the Unfiltered tab for the event, it will show you if anyone was disqualified and the reason. If you don’t see any DQs then it’s as Craig said.

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Makes sense.
Does Swift have a way to track you our races performances or only Zwiftpower?

ZwiftPower is the source of truth for race results. The results you see in the Companion app or in the game can’t be trusted since they don’t incorporate disqualifications, or points races, etc. You can use zwiftracing.app as another view of the ZwiftPower results with an alternate ranking system, but it won’t have different results because it’s pulling data from ZwiftPower.

Uhuuu. Then I got my first podium :slight_smile:

Sorry to rain on your parade but I believe ZP results may have been updated and you are now showing as 4th. :cry:

Damn it :slight_smile:
Too good to be true :slight_smile:

i was looking into the category rules and it looks like i could upgrade if i keep doing higher than 2.5 w/kg and over 200W. to be honest i would like to be a little longer on the D to have a more fare race rather than going to the bottom of the C :stuck_out_tongue:
its interesting how lighter cyclists can have a huge advantage and stay in the D category due to the low wattage…

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On this forum it is best not to post that you wish to stay in a lower race category than one you might be able to achieve if you really pushed yourself.
Hopefully there will soon be a Racing Score category system based on race results/race finishing positions and hopefully not on your w/kg or minimum watts floor.
You are only at level 6, getting stronger in each race so I would suggest you push as hard as you can to get podiums and wins and see where that takes you.

I saw your other post which I will reply to but from a race point of view I’m not sure I would be putting down maximum power in a segment sprint (which doesn’t count for anything within the race) at all but certainly not near the end of the race. You are burning matches for no gain in a First Across Line (FAL) race.

what i meant actually is that would be good, before moving to the next level, to be able to compete on the current level without having to compete with people way better.
anyhow, im pushing to the max, allways.
i didnt get what you meant with the sprint, as i did in the last 500m.
i had to sprint early on but that was to be able to stay with the front peloton.

On the flip side, anyone who’s not registered on ZP isn’t in its results, so maybe a stretch to call their results the source of truth either.

Yep it’s just as good as it gets for now. Since ZwiftPower is basically abandoned, it’s going to be a long wait for something better to come along. IMO people should be asked to opt in to ZwiftPower in order to race. Just have them click OK in the game or companion app when they sign up for their first race, and give them a ZP account. Not wanting to be on ZwiftPower = not wanting to race.

Nah. Racing is part of the game that folk are paying for. Nobody should need an account elsewhere.

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That’s why it should be automatic. Your Zwift account is your ZwiftPower account, just take the friction out of the process. Don’t make it two accounts, make it one. In the long run, everything should be handled in the game, including DQs, points races, etc. but in the short term that’s not possible, which is the reason for my suggestion.

I still am surprised we can’t even see the same race results that the CA shows on our zwift’s activity pages website

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Exactly. We are on the era of AI and sht. Zwiftpower should be integrated on the pay service of Zwift showing all the information. I don’t know jof most of the people are racing rather than only working out, but this shouldn’t be too difficult to integrated…come on Zwift!!