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Start to say that i’m new to this and start to figure everything out. In fridays I did my first Zwift race, my third ride ever on Zwift. I did not put in my FTP numbers before, just signed up for C then I know my body and performance pretty well, just let Zwift do calculation after my performances.

I know my irl numbers are around 290+ watt and give all in the race, totaly empty after, I know my exact hartrate max after tests at Activitus. My maximum is 190 bpm and during race it was between 177-188 so you all know that I don’t cheat. Got a new FTP increased to 303. Can of course depend on my Concept 2 Bikeerg isn’t accurate. But I think Zwift calculation is pretty close to my outdoor performance using a crank arm power meter.

To the issue. I did not get my race rank approved, why so? Any succestion what I should do to get it right? Otherwise Zwift is not for me, won’t by a smart trainer because just bought a Bikeerg that should work and be approved by Zwift.

Thanks in advance for any tips I might get.

/Jonas Selling

THE race was this: 3R Volcano Flat Race - 3 Laps (36.6km/22.7mi 138m) on 8 october Friday 18:05

Looks like you are stronger than you think. You got disqualified from the race as you went over the power limits for the category you entered.

If you hit the filtered button at the top of the race result you will see your result marked with WKG. I assume you entered category c which has a limit of 3.2 at 95% of your best 20 minute power.
In the race you did 3.5 w/kg so best race in cat b next time.

Descriptions on race tags here - Zwift Power - Login

Zwiftpower has given you a category of cat b now so best race there as it looks like you are decent cat b racer.

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Without a power meter you’ll be disqualified from almost all races anyway.

Edit: looks like the BikeErg does transmit power. But without resistance control and with dubious accuracy it’s debatable whether using it for races is ethical anyway.

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Ok, thank you. That might be it. Try to race in cat B and try out next time. Will surtenly being dropped :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks for answer. Bikeerg transmitt watt power so why shouldn’t it work? Accordingly to Zwift FAQ a Concept 2 Bikeerg is compatible.

I updated my post. :+1:

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Thanks, I Will try another race in higher cat B and found out, otherwise I e-mail Zwift for an answer.

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Concept 2 BikeErg is not of “dubious accuracy”.
The RowErg is the gold standard of indoor rowing and the PM5 monitor is tried and tested. If anything, it is said to read a bit lower than smart trainers.

Under-reading still makes it dubious. But fair enough, I originally assumed it was a traditional spin bike with estimated power - which seemingly isn’t correct. Hands up, I was wrong.

The underreporting is mostly due to power reading at flywheel level - so any power meter reading at pedals or crank will show a bit higher due to less drivetrain loss