Catégorie Zwift for races

I was Cat. C but recently Zwift put me “Cat B” … my FTP is 182 on zwift account and 196 last year. Why am I in Cat. B…
I don’t undersdand.
Thanks for your help.

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Hi Marilyne

If you go to The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App it should give you a bit more info.

Zwift isn’t very friendly when it comes to direct links. I assume you were trying to point the OP to their profile, but the link just takes you to your Activity Feed.

zwift . com / feed

It was the category and power metrics down the right hand side that I was trying to point out.

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Thank you very much for your help.

I have seen the category and power metrics.
but according to me I am not B… :slight_smile:

I have done 4 races at 3.2 w/kh - 2 in January 2022. my best… And my FTP was evaluated 196 watt ??? Zwift use the data ??
I don’t understand what figures Zwift use to evaluate our current level ? because since then ma ftp has changed.
My husband used my profile in november, may be december (I don’t rememeber) but not for races…
Thank for your help

This is where zFTP fails…to be honest it fails also on the higher end where you can drop a category.

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zFTP really needs to be changed to avoid confusion with actual FTP numbers


There is a very sharp drop from 12 min power to 20 min power. I don’t know where exactly the drop is. But if your power stays high to closer to 20 min then the formula will predict that it will be approaching steady state.

One more thing is Zwift use all your ride data not only races.

If you click on “PLUS D’INFOS” it will tell you the dates of the various power records. They will be no more than 60 days old, so your husband’s use of your account in November should not matter any more.

Your power profile looks strange to me and it probably does not accurately reflect your abilities. Of course people vary, but if you can do 207W for 12 minutes, you can almost certainly do more than 177W for 20 minutes. You say your FTP was estimated at 196W which implies that you can do more than 207W for 12 minutes and more than 177W for 20 minutes. Your 30 minute and 20 minute records are almost the same, which suggests you can beat that 20 minute record. Your 3 minute and 5 minute records are almost the same, so you can probably beat your 3 minute record. If you want the categorization to be accurate, do some rides where you try a maximum effort for some of the durations on your profile. I would attempt this over several days, not all in one ride. It may or may not change your category, but at least you will know it’s based on accurate data.

I think this is fine - there such a dramatic drop off from 12-20 minute power I would expect 20 minute power to be comfortably above 3.2 for a maximal effort.

For context - mine, with what are definitely maximal efforts for 5/12/20


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But zFTP is saying that is estimating for more than 40mins?

You can see from my data that it can work but when it’s saying zFTP is only 5W lower than 12mins it fails 100%.
Less data it has the bigger mistake it can make.

Looking at the standard curve you will see that from 20+ minutes the slope is very small.

i’m not arguing…i just want to point out that it’s not perfect and that with some riders it will not be accurate.

[quote=“M ary MTB-Bkt [EFDV], post:5, topic:603513, username:Lemaire_Mary-BIKETTE”]
My husband used my profile in november, may be december (I don’t rememeber) but not for races…

Zwift look at all rides, not only races - it is different from Zwiftpower!

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I have never had a 2022 ftp in races ! only 196 max ! Ma husband used my account in the past but not since novemenber 2022, I didn’t do races … only rides.

But I paie a subcription to Zwift to traine and races are training for me… and doing a race with my level is more interesting and motivating, funny… that what I use Zwift.

I doing a race with B… not interesting at all, I just tested it !! and to complecated…
may be I will have to do several races slowly ??

My husband used my HT in the past !! pfff :frowning:

but I would like to contac Zwift !! to explain.
if I can’t I will cancel my account, and I will use another application

If only that had been clearly spelt out by everyone at the time


A zwift account is tied to a user not a household, so you might not have much luck with this other than waiting for it to drop out of the 60 day window.

Vid about FTP including chat from Prof Louis Passfield, who sadly died shortly after this vid last autumn.

It gets even more confusing now that they reckon 95% of 20mins can only be held for approx 35mins to 51mins (higher for better athletes), right in the ballpark of zFTP!

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