Catégorie Zwift for races

but he didn’t use my account recently… and not since 60 jours… and I am sure that my ftp in not 202. I am 60 year hold… and my level is not bad but… 202 !! I would like…

it very sad !! he was young !!

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Can any mod archive my numbers. Im injured and i cant ride un B category

That’ll fix one problem!

Forum moderators can’t do that. You can contact Zwift support, but they may not do anything about it. Or just ride easy for 60 days while you recover and your category will go down. If you’re injured that’s probably a better strategy than racing. If you go to and click on “More Info” under the FITNESS section, it will show you the dates of your best power numbers on the curve.

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This is a Zwift problem that people need to recognize.

There are complaints of people treating group rides as races and go off the front.

There are just as many who treat races as group rides and want everyone to finish together at the front.

In a race, EVERYBODY wants to beat YOU,
They want you to drop out for any reason, hurt,tired,out of shape etc.

Races, group rides, workouts, group workouts and Pace partners are all there to meet different needs.

Please use them accordingly.

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Hi there, same question !!

hi @Simon_Hodson

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We will need more information to answer that question.