Zwifts 20 min FTP test not on zPower

I dont know if i should :slight_smile: write this. I´ve been cycling for 1,5 months, i had a ftp measured by zwift from my alpe runs at 3,17, after a few weeks i got a new at 3,2. I realized that this is on the edge C/B when doing a virtual olympics race in C (btw 10 peolpe had averages of 3,3-3,6 w/kg in C).
This is perfect for being a strong competitior in C and weak as a worm in B. Today i did my first real 20 min FTP test and it gave me a new FTP of 3,34. This is nice even though i fall into cat B only after 1,5 months of cycling, my sprint/burst W is super low so i wont be able to compete at B.
Zpower havent registered my FTP test however, is that a bug or is that how it should be? I dont want to be blamed for sandbagging.

Hi @Marcus_Brismo

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Zwift power only use races for your category. and the FTP field is a manual entry under settings.

Enter the category as assigned by Zwift power.

You will probably be upgraded soon.

@Gerrie_Delport_ODZ Hi, okey so if understand you correctly, Zwift power will automatichally upgrade my category according to race results (in w/kg). I dont have to update my category according to my FTP-test. If i manually update my FTP it wont affect my category.


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that is correct, you can put a 1000w FTP in that field and it wont change your category.