A little help for a Newbi - Please Help

Hello everyone

I am new to Zwift, indeed cycling. I have done my ftp test and done some activities but not taken part in any events yet. I have signed up to Zwift Power (wow what a job that is for a technophobe like me). The Z/power shows my mile completed but does not reflect my ftp. How do I get this data across. I have worked out my W/kg (Cat D) do I need to input that or is it done automatically?

Thank you so much


Hi Gary,
On your Zwiftpower page you’ll notice “settings “ that’s where you can enter ftp. Keep in mind that ftp is only used by Zwift when doing organized workouts. And is 1/2 the number to assign race categories. The other is 95% of your power 20 min average . That’s all calculated for you by Zwiftpower and you can see it below your name after you have completed 3 events.

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Cool…thanks so much for quick reply Bob…Ill get into an organised race and see what happens…thanks again:)