Zwift power won't update

No matter how much I tap refresh the website won’t update. My ftp is old and events are all back from 2022. Any help please.

You could try emailing

Done!. Thanks.

Since you have been away the ZwiftPower category calculations have changed and now become Category Enforced metrics.

What you are seeing on your ZwiftPower profile page is the up to date information. Notice you are looking at zFTP which is your new racing metric and therefore racing category.

You have recently had a very strong ramp test. In the old days your race category was only based on your ZwiftPower recorded numbers, now it is all riding on Zwift.

Have a read of the first post on each of these two early 2023 posts by Zwift.

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There’s only 6 events at the bottom, latest
is 10/27/22. I’ve done more sense. Total noobie so kind of confused. Sorry.

ZwiftPower now uses all your rides to calculate and show your zFTP and Race Category but it still only records, on your profile page, group rides, group workouts and races. You have not done any of those since 10/27/22 - you have only done free rides on your own.

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This is going to seem unnecessarily pedantic, but I just wanted to point out that it’s Zwift itself that does that. Zwiftpower doesn’t do any category calculation any longer, it just pulls that into from Zwift.

One reason that this is important is that Zwiftpower is pretty much end-of-life. Eventually it’ll probably disappear and we’ll see more data in Zwift itself, though maybe that’ll be a while.