ZwiftPower Category Update [March 2023]

Hey Zwift racers,

We’re making this short post to let you know that as of today, ZwiftPower category has been replaced, and is now calculated by our Category Enforcement metrics.

That means when viewing your category on ZwiftPower, it will now be based on the same metrics as your category in Zwift under Category Enforcement.

Those metrics are:

  • zFTP
  • zMAP

The goal with this update is to reduce confusion between the ZwiftPower and Category Enforced categories by creating a consistent and unified measure of category across Zwift and ZwiftPower. This should result in you seeing the same category across both Zwift and ZwiftPower.

We will retain the A+ category on ZwiftPower for legacy purposes, which will be determined by:

  • zFTP > 4.6 w/kg AND >300w

You can find more details about Category Enforcement at this article. You can find out where to check your Zwift Category Enforcement metrics at this article.

Two other important aspects to take in consideration:

By default, events in ZwiftPower will no longer Upgrade or DQ riders based on their category or W/Kg limits. This is because we plan to use Category Enforcement in the majority of events going forward, and this change will work well with that. Event organizers will have to configure this option explicitly in ZwiftPower on a per event basis if they wish to continue to use the legacy system.

This change won’t affect events already in ZwiftPower when the release happens. Only future events being picked up will have those enforcement options turned off by default.

The category update on your ZwiftPower profile will not happen automatically as soon as we update with the new system. It will be progressive. You will have to either take part in an event or click the ‘Refresh profile’ option on your ZwiftPower profile for you to see the Category Enforcement information on your profile.

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From this post I conclude that this change was prepared a couple weeks ago but not communicated. You could get much more support from customers by being a little bit more open about your plans. At the moment it looks like everyone’s category is E.




Poor communication, guys. Why did we find out first from WTRL and not from Zwift?


Why allow this as an opton? It cause a lot of confusion when there are DQs for w/kg on top of CE.


Eric: “Flint you did put that post on the forum about CE didn’t you?”

Flint: “err, yeah?”

Quickly puts up post and backdates it 13 days :rofl:


While you are at it can you please fix this setting also that it won’t Auto DQ everyone with WKG tag.
or create a new Setting ‘‘Use points settings to increase/decrease race time - No Enforcement’’


I made the draft as a placeholder at the date of the original post you see here on the forum. The information from WTRL was a mistake on my part for not making sure Martin was super clear on the timing, so his information hit before ours. Originally, we all agreed that we’d have the information land at the same time, I just forgot to cross the t’s and dot the i’s correctly this time.


Unfortunately refresh is not working here or with my 2 race teams

Less transparency on WKG on Zwift Power is not good!!! Us racers need to see this on our profile. Please put it back!

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That is what I assumed. 3rd party players want to break the news first. :face_vomiting:

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I felt the feed link from ZwiftPower to an individuals (CE) Fitness Metrics was very useful.

Is there any chance you might consider re-instating the link on ZwiftPower?


Did we lose the link to our Zwift profile page with the CE details? There’s a link to CE FAQ but no link to the profile page where you can actually see your zFTP. This is going to cause some issues (ie expect a jump in forum posts asking for the link).


Can you elaborate a bit more? Who are your 2 race teams? Can you provide a link to the ZP profile(s) in question?

I’m only pulling your leg.

Good old WTRL :wink:

This under info?


Sure thing, we can add it back. The link seemed redundant to us given the change. It’s also the same as you type in the browser “”, so you can bookmark it in the meantime :wink:

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Finally one categorization! :clap:

It would be better though to hit that “refresh” button for everyone automatically when the switch was made.


I’m left wondering if people who signed up for upcoming non-CE events using their ZP category are about to get a surprise DQ.