Category calculation

Ive checked some threads about it but im not sure if there is an update in 2023.
there are a lot of numbers that can be found in Zwiftpower but im just not sure how to calculate my category.
from what i read, it should be 95% of the 20 min FTP (average last 60 days) divided by the weight.
then there is the raw wattage (which i dont fully understand).
so, is there any update or could someone point me to the right numbers to understand how my category is being calculated_?
thanks a lot

In the past, Categories were determined by an average of 95% of the 20 min Power bests, but now they are done differently.

I am pretty sure this is a link with the most recent info. All About Category Enforcement on Zwift | Zwift Insider

So ,it seems that they are taking any ride for the calculations and not only the races. This can be a flawn as we do trainings on Zone 2 or lower and this would affect directly the zFTP…

True, every ride counts.

Zone 2 rides won’t affect zFTP in a significant way because they’re too easy.

I thought that it will calculate based on an average of 20min power, if you are riding at 1,5-2W/Kg, this would affect the average power ,wouldn’t.

Sure but anyone can do more than zone 2 for the durations we’re talking about.

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It will calculate on 5, 8, 12, 20 and 30 minute power. It doesn’t average anything though – it only takes your best effort for each time interval into account.


Do, Ive been upgraded to the Cat C no so long ago and I believe it feels right.
After struggle in the first races, I managed to reach the top 10 in one of them. The issue is that by doing this, my numbers are going closer to the B Cat.
I really don’t understand it as it seems that in order to be in the top 3 of your current category, you most likely need to be already above the top limit of such…
Does anyone experience this orim missing something.?

To be in top 10 of a race in any cat means you will be close to the next cat.

Don’t worry about your cat.

Just race the people around you and let Zwift categorize you.

The only ‘worry’ is that it would be great to be competitive in whatever category Swift puts you in. My feeling is that when you start to get there, you are just upgraded to the next one. I guess is better to train and aim for the A already than there is no trouble anymore : P

That all depends on how responsive to training you are. If you’re 22 and new to exercise and picked good parents then, yes, farm those noob gains and keep on going and you’ll progress through the Zwift categories.

It’s a different story if you’re mid-50s and bang average in terms of aerobic gifts. Ask me how I know! :blush:

Everyone finds their level. Then it gets interesting as rather than just adding more power across the board you have to a) identify specific power durations to work on and b) learn to race smarter.

Great points
I believe I’m on the second one :slight_smile:
I have a little feeling that B will be the Max achievable…but then, to be competitive there…it will be a whole new story

If you’re training to get better, going a category up should be celebrated. But i totally get the frustration of going from being competitive, to back of the pack.

I’m a fairly competitive B cat ride at the moment. FTP around the 4/4.1 W/KG and good enough 5min power to not get dropped on the climbs. But i’ve never won a B race because my end sprint just isn’t good enough (yet). My goal is to try go get my FTP to around 4.5W/KG and try to qualify for World Champs Gran Fondo next year. For Zwift that would put me in A where i’m pretty sure i’ll get destroyed. But even in those races i can set realistic goals for myself and feel positive about results i get. That might even be when i finish 50th out of a 60 rider field.

Or wait for the day when you realize you’ve been in upper C for several years, kind of expecting that the training is going to bump you up into B any day but that day doesn’t come.
And you realize, it’s not going to happen.
My goal is going to be to remain in C but I think I’m talking about the other end of C.

Hehhe,but I think that’s my point: if you are ok the top of C, most like you will be upgraded as the numbers to be on the top are way higher than the limit. At least this is why I notice so far but obviously I’m not that experienced with Zwift.
To track progress, Im using trainingpeaks and intervals icu. I think race rank and categories as it was said here, will also depend on strategies…