Category calculation

Ive checked some threads about it but im not sure if there is an update in 2023.
there are a lot of numbers that can be found in Zwiftpower but im just not sure how to calculate my category.
from what i read, it should be 95% of the 20 min FTP (average last 60 days) divided by the weight.
then there is the raw wattage (which i dont fully understand).
so, is there any update or could someone point me to the right numbers to understand how my category is being calculated_?
thanks a lot

In the past, Categories were determined by an average of 95% of the 20 min Power bests, but now they are done differently.

I am pretty sure this is a link with the most recent info. All About Category Enforcement on Zwift | Zwift Insider

So ,it seems that they are taking any ride for the calculations and not only the races. This can be a flawn as we do trainings on Zone 2 or lower and this would affect directly the zFTP…

True, every ride counts.

Zone 2 rides won’t affect zFTP in a significant way because they’re too easy.

I thought that it will calculate based on an average of 20min power, if you are riding at 1,5-2W/Kg, this would affect the average power ,wouldn’t.

Sure but anyone can do more than zone 2 for the durations we’re talking about.

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It will calculate on 5, 8, 12, 20 and 30 minute power. It doesn’t average anything though – it only takes your best effort for each time interval into account.