ZwiftPower update [November 2020]

Earlier this week, we migrated ZwiftPower from its original server to its new home. Here’s what this upgrade means to our racing community:

What has changed since the November 16 server migration:

  • ZwiftPower operates now inside Zwift’s robust, clustered server environment.
  • Site security is improved. Securing member data was one of the highest priorities when Zwift HQ took over operation of this site formerly operated by a third party.
  • Site performance is improved. The old server did not transfer data quickly enough for some events.

What has not changed:

  •’s user interface has not changed for those who know and love it.

  • For inquiries about the ZwiftPower site, continue emailing us at for reasons like:

    • Questions about your own race results.
    • Reporting someone else’s questionable performance. Do not accuse someone of cheating here on
    • Problems getting your ZwiftPower account to sync up. This Support Hub article covers the how-to, but if you’re having issues, our specialists can help.
    • ZwitPower account questions (passwords, etc)
  • ZwiftPower’s racing rules remain the same.

See the previous update for continuity

We wanted to clear the air about the urgent need for this migration. Any admins out there who’ve performed a database migration know to expect a few hiccups. Please report the bugs on this thread, thanks.

Why haven’t race rankings been available since the upgrade? They stopped calculating after the 1st Nov update, and I hoped the 2nd would address this, but still don’t see rankings in the results.

Is there a timeframe to address this?


Was broken before the migration and still is after it.

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Migrating a site running on legacy software is a complex operation. Unforeseen complications happen, and we’re working on the things that broke.


Thanks for the reply. I think some greater transparency would go a long ways here. The ranking system stopped working on Nov 10th. We then saw that ZwiftPower would be down for Monday, for maintenance issues. I think we all in the community assumed this was to fix whatever bugs broke the ranking system. After the day long maintenance we’ve seen no change, but were told that ZwiftPower moved servers and that was the reason for the maintenance.

I think having this information disseminated prior would go a long way. Being proactive rather than reactive.


@Shuji_Sakai I think everyone would relax and refrain from posting if you all just announced that you’re aware of the ranking points issue and you plan to fix it retroactively to November 10th when the issue started.


Rider power details are not pulling through properly / sporadically. Normally there is a queue showing outstanding .fit files to process for each race, but this is missing. Can you add this to the list of things that were broken?

My racing data, such as 20min and 5 min power for this event yesterday: " Zwift Racing League | WTRL - Men’s EMEA E1 DIVISION 3" is missing

I am aware of the ongoing issue after the mov of servers, but will it be fiexed and is there a timeframe for this?

We’re aware of a few issues, and are monitoring other reports closely.

You can find more details in this article here:

If you’re seeing something that’s not covered in that article, please find the relevant forum post (if it exists) and add to it with your comments, findings, and an upvote.

We love this site as much as you, and we understand how integral it’s become to racing on Zwift. We’re doing our best to get everything ironed out, and it’s like Shuji said: migrating legacy software to a non-legacy server can be complicated business.

Thanks for all your help so far. You’re all truly what make Zwift great!


Good stuff, I’m glad you guys are interacting.
Racing may seem like a small part of your market but for some of us it’s the reason we use Zwift.
Clamping down on cheats is a must. It ruins things for all the legit people.
I’ve sent you a few emails (and the form) about a serial cheat with doctored weight and height who is winning quite a few decent races. He may have had his feet amputated (he lost 7cm in a day) so we need to know if he’s legit.

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Hi Flint_McInnis:

To be clear ALL racers are experiencing issues with race ranking points since November 10th. We don’t see them. I am glad to see that Support Zwift com recognizes this but it’s not clear whether you’re addressing it as the Status page does not indicate that it an issue that is being worked on. In fact, it says that ZP is full operational which it’s not.


Thanks for the note!

I should have clarified a little better: Statuspage is for immediate issues, as in major issues affecting the sites.

While the points are integral for certain aspects of Zwift racing, they are not integral to the site actually running and showing.

We are cognizant of the fact the issue has been persistent since ~10 Nov after the first round of maintenance, and we are doing our best to get it hammered out along with other issues that you may be seeing.

Thanks for staying diligent!

Ride On.


Thanks Flint.

Live tab is broken now, any time frame on this?, its a very needed tool for streamers and event planners. The events that make zwift what it is. :slight_smile:

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Will the issue with missing powerdata in events be fixed?
I only see livedata fram avg power and not 20min,5min osv. On event two days ago. Seems like file has not been read.

WTRL gets the results out within mins.

I see no mention of the fact that most results from the ZRL-races on tuesday are still not updated. Are you working on this?

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Bump for relevance. Zwiftpower is still not working. Still nothing going back to Nov 10.

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Refreshing ZP non-stop in hope of seeing my gains on last 7 races…the whole point of Zwifting for me. Hope it will be fixed soon