ZwiftPower discussions now hosted here [January 2021]

Hello ZwiftPower racers, and welcome. As of January 2021, discussions about ZwiftPower will move from the original ZwiftPower forum to this one. Why? To better safeguard our members’ data privacy.

There are a few principles we ask everyone to honor:

  1. If you have questions about your own results (e.g. “why was I flagged?”) or if you want us to ask about somebody else’s results - we handle that offline using the procedure in this thread.

Long-time ZwiftPower racers know that when these conversations happened on the O.G. forum, things inevitably got heated, with accusations and denials flying back and forth. We can handle these inquiries with respect and civility by taking them offline, and while maintaining privacy for all parties involved.

  1. If you are newer to the ZwiftPower scene - many of your questions are answered on our ZwiftPower FAQ.

  2. Every racer wants to be fitter, faster, smarter and stronger. We welcome rookie racers and veteran pros alike who’d like to achieve those goals. We ask everyone to pitch in with this mission and help others along their competitive journeys.

  3. We have a small team at Zwift HQ handling ZwiftPower requests. Please allow them time to look into your questions.

Thank you all in advance for rolling with these changes!