Email requesting support with zwiftpower

I’ve emailed zwiftpower a couple of times over the past 10 days with no response. I have also attempted to use the chat function with no reply. What is the best way to get some technical help?

What is the issue.

If you are unware:

And the contact email is:

Hi! I’ve tried emailing but don’t seem to get any reply.

It does take time for them to reply.

If possible could you state your issue here, there is a chance you could get a reply faster.

Sure… issue is as follows -I have used zwift for a number of years using a turbo which estimates power. I have started racing in the past few weeks. I have been upgraded from cat b to a based on my power (which was zp). This isn’t allowed in cat a and so I have obtained and connected power meter pedals. Unsurprisingly my power has dropped relatively significantly (my ftp by 30w) and has confirmed I should definitely be in cat b to race and not a. I have been told that zwiftpower can reset my stats (I have done 3 ramp tests and am definitely on the wrong cat now). Otherwise I have to wait 90 days to be recategorised which seems quite unnecessary and means I can’t race with my team who are in b. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Just ask for a"trainer upgrade’ and include the date to start from.
All previous data will drop.send it to the URL above.

Thanks Tim, silly question but do I send that in an email?

I’ve seen in some other theads people asking the same question and Zwift confirmed they had received the request 9 hr previous.
I don’t know if they have a backlog or are doing the reset but not informing the racer.
It may be a private e mail.
It used to be public and really fast

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Thanks Tim, so far I’ve sent 2 emails with no reply but I’ll try again and if anyone picks this up on here can I please have a trainer upgrade as of 17th January. Thank you :blush: