Reset FTP zwift power

hello how to reset FTP in zwift power when i changed trainer. I wrote an e-mail, no one replies.

When did you send your request, and did you send it to They usually take a few days but might need a followup email given that team is probably busy with a lot on the go these for this past week or so.

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Hi Bartosz, I’m not seeing an email in our system tied to your account but if you send us an email at and ask for a Trainer Upgrade now that you have a new one we can get that taken care of and recalculate your minimum category using the data from your new trainer.


The first e-mail was sent on 22.2.2022
today went the second one with a request.

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third email already sent. I’m still waiting

I was able to take care of that Trainer Upgrade for you since you provided all the info I needed so you should see it on your profile next time you log into ZwiftPower and I’m currently looking into why I wasn’t able to locate your emails. I’ve gone ahead and redacted that first image to protect your privacy since it had some personal information on it.