Zwift power email error

I need to reset data after a trainer upgrade, but keep getting the below bounce-back message:

"Address not found

Your message wasn’t delivered to because the address couldn’t be found, or is unable to receive mail.

The response was:

The account [ is disabled."

Hey Neil,

Looks like your information for your account both on Zwift and ZwiftPower is correct, and I see that your email came into us ~9 hours ago.

This time I can get you sorted out here, I’ll just need to know the date you started using the new trainer so I can apply the upgrade for you.

Everything from before the date will be moved to “old results” on your profile and everything after the date will be used to recalculate your power metrics.


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Are you able to help me? I am having a similar issue and have emailed zwiftpower several times over the last 10 days? I was using zp but have now connected power meter pedals. Over 3 ramp tests my ftp is consistently 30w lower. I have been categorised as a for races but should be in b. Are you able to reset my data?

This time I can help you, yes. Please just let me know the date you started using those pedals and we’ll reset it for you.

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Thank you so much! I switched to the pedals on Sunday 17th Jan.

Done. Please allow up to 24 hours for the changes to take effect.


Thank you!

Hi Flint,

Upgraded to a new Elite Direto on 19th January, FTP now 235 at 71kg.



Hey Flint, your doing a good job helping people with their trainer up grades but they seem to have trouble finding you.
Maybe you can pin a thread at the top of the racing section and merge this thread.

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All sorted! Keep racing and you’ll see your category and power become more even as you do more events. Give the site up to 24 hours for the changes to take effect.

Thanks Flint!

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Hi, thank you so much for your help with resetting my profile. I have a couple of queries. On zp it still says my ftp is estimated at 238. My most recent ftp with the new turbo was 222. How can I change this? Similarly the 20 minute power is reading as 232 but I can’t see where this data has come from? Are you able to help at all?

You’ll have to just do more races and rides, as the FTP on ZwiftPower (and any best powers for a given time, i.e. 20 minutes) are calculated based on your race and ride results.

I believe (but am not 100% sure as my ZP view differs from yours) that you can adjust your FTP under the settings of your profile. If you’re not able to, I can do it for this time and then from there on out the more results you post, the more accurate your data will be as it changes.

If you can that would be great. My ftp should be 222

Best wishes

Changing the FTP there only updates your profile for show, it doesn’t actually do anything and is separate to the calculations for category. You can put any figure in.

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You can update your FTP manually, Zwiftpower don’t auto update.

Thanks everyone and I agree I can change it. What I don’t understand is why it’s estimated as higher than any of my races since re setting my data.