Reset power data

Since January 30 I have a new Trainer, a Kirck core, which gives me more real power data than my previous Trainer (Elite Turno), which, being fluid technology, was not accurate at all. The fact is that now Zwiftpower has overrated power data and I would like to have data with the current Trainer, since Zwiftpower categorizes me as “B”, when with the current data I think it should be in “C”. Currently I have about 212w of FTP for a weight of 68 kg, obtained with the new Trainer (3.12 Kg / w).
Would it be possible to Reset the data, to adapt it to my new power status?
Zwift ID: 695555

You need to send an email to with a link to your Zwiftpower profile.

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Ok, Tanks ¡¡¡¡