Delete and Downgrade for New Trainer

I am consistently measuring 50 Watts lower on my new trainer for my 20 minute FTP. My new trainer is a very accurate Wahoo Kickr v5. I would like to delete all activities on zwift power to reset my power data and to downgrade from B to C category. How do I do both of these?
Thanks for your help!

Please contact to reset your race data.


You probably want to tell them the date you started using the new trainer as well. Then they will know which results are effected.

Understand that ZPower is inherently inaccurate so please ensure that you take steps to ensure a (relatively) consistent set up.

Changing to a new trainer is not a consistent setup. That is why Iā€™m seeing significantly different power numbers. That is why I want to reset my power data for my new trainer.