Upgraded trainer


I have very recently upgraded my turbo trainer from an Elite Muin B+ to an Elite Suito. The difference is great and I’m overlap very happy.

It also means moving from the ZPower algorithm to actual power. I’m registered with ZwiftPower com for racing etc but because my old trainer overestimated my power I’ve probably moved from Cat B to Cat C.

I need help removing the old data from my ZwiftPower com profile so that I can enter to correct races without being disqualified etc.

Please can someone help?


Hi @Tom_File_TZA, welcome to the forums.

You will need to contact Zwift HQ for that, please email zwiftpower@zwift.com to have your data reset.

Q: I have a new trainer/power source and want to update my ZwiftPower numbers to be accurate. How go about adjusting it?

A: That’s awesome and congrats! Please email us at zwiftpower@zwift.com with the make and model of your trainer/power meter as well as the date you started using it. We will adjust your results and category accordingly.

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Thanks Mike, I’ve sent the email over. Any idea how long the turn around is likely to be on this?

Not sure, others have commented that it is taking a while. I don’t think Zwift has enough resources to address all the zwiftpower issues since taking it over fully.