Reset zwif tpower profile

I need reset my zwift power profile, because the data is incorrect!
Can you do it quickly please?
Orlando Bernardo

Zwift ID: 197999 (Verified)

Hi @Orlando_Bernardo_Tea, you need to email

Hi Mike,
I already did it but I have no answer…
And I’m ride with wrong data from my trainer.
I have a new trainer Wahoo KIKCR SNAP and is calibrated correctly!

be patient, they are understaffed and it takes a few days

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Thanks Mike

This was easier and faster when we asked for help on Zwift Power Facebook, it was a matter of minutes and our profile was clean!

There were several administrators who handled any type of request, now is just Zwift?!

yup… hostile takeover

Hi Mike,


Cynical me: Money. Monetization of the racing is coming. Going to start charging to race and participated in Fondo’s, etc… After all, don’t racers pay IRL?

Point of fact: I have no clue. I do not race, so do not care too much. But I like reading about the issue:-)