Can Zwift reset your profile

Hi All, does anyone know if Zwift can change your power settings or reset your Avatar without you knowing. My profile data hasn’t changed however my W/KG is about 30 to 40 Watts lower in my last two races even though my HR is slightly higher. I’ve also noticed I have received PRs on laps of courses I have completed numerous times before and in faster times. Cheers, L

Zwift PRs only count the last 30 days.

Sounds like something has changed at your end rather than Zwift’s. What is your setup, what trainer do you have?

Cheers Steve,
Wattbike Atom Next Generation. The difference in the last two races in power numbers is noticeably. I am wondering whether the gradients of the course dictates as I understand the issue of ‘Sticky watts’ is a major problem on the platform during races